How do you make Girl Scout green?

Girl Scout Green is a specific shade of green: PMS 355. Never lighten, screen or modify the official Girl Scout Green. Make sure there is proper contrast between the Girl Scout logo and the background color. For example, do not put a black logo over a blue background or a white logo over a bright yellow background.

Who designed the Girl Scouts logo?

Saul Bass
Last updated by the world famous graphic designer, Saul Bass in 1978, the Girl Scouts logo desperately needed to be updated and modernized to meet the branding standards of the 21st century.

What does the Girl Scout Trefoil mean?

the sun shining
The World Trefoil Pin shows that you are part of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS). The outer circle represents the World Association, and the golden yellow trefoil on a bright blue background stands for the sun shining over the children of the world.

What color is Girl Scout green?

The Girl Scout identity uses three core colors, green (PMS 355), black, and white.

What are the six levels of Girl Scouts?

Grade Levels

  • Daisies. Grades K–1.
  • Brownies. Grades 2–3.
  • Juniors. Grades 4–5.
  • Cadettes. Grades 6–8.
  • Seniors. Grades 9–10.
  • Ambassadors. Grades 11–12.

What is the Boy Scout symbol called?

The fleur-de-lis, a three-pointed, flowerlike symbol with rich historical significance, is an essential part of Scouting iconography. The BSA’s version of the fleur-de-lis is found in the movement’s official logos and all over the uniforms of Cub Scouts and members of Scouts BSA.

Why do Cubs say Dib Dib Dib?

Short for do your best. dyb (or dib) and dob were used as abbreviated forms of do your best and do our best in certain Scout chants.

Where do you put the Girl Scout logo?

Girl Scout Logos – The Girl Scout logo must be placed on the far LEFT side of every page, flyer, document, etc. Make sure to leave adequate white space around the logo to avoid “crowding” the logo. GSUSA recommends leaving at least the same amount of white space around it as the “g”. Do NOT stretch or modify logos or servicemarks in any way.

Can you use the Girl Scout color scheme?

Adhere to the Girl Scout Color Scheme . Materials printed at home for the troop or Service Unit, or advertising a local event, can utilize the Girl Scout logo, service mark, trefoil, and other brand content without prior approval.

How does the Girl Scouts protect their brand?

Girl Scouts have so many wow-worthy stories to share! EVERYONE in Girl Scouting has a role in protecting our name, our image, and our brand. Your actions, words, social media posts, recruitments, and events represent you, your service unit, your council, and the larger Girl Scout movement.

How is the margin on a Girl Scout badge determined?

Margin and/or clearance area around the service mark is determined by the height of the “g” in the service mark itself. Never change the configuration of the Girl Scout or council logo.