How do you hit the target in Club penguin Mission 7?

Put it in your inventory – put the ice cube with the spring in it and press the lever. After the ice melts, press the lever. Take the spring, put it in your inventory. Go to the Snow Forts – put the target on the side of the Clock Tower.

What is the secret word in G’s mission on Club penguin?

Walkthrough. Click on G and ask him about the new mission. He will give you a riddle – the answer is “mogul”. He will now show you a new sled he is making – you need to test drive it.

How do you make a Yellow Puffle gear?

Fill your green bucket from the Beach with snow from the Snow Forts, and go to the Stage. Give the yellow puffle the poster of the gear, and it will nod its head. Give it the pail of snow, and it will build a gear exactly like the one you need!

How do you solve the telescope mission on Club penguin?

Talk to the penguin, and he will ask you to fix his telescope. To fix his telescope, go to your Spy Phone and press “Tools”. Drag the wrench over to the tripod. This will fix the telescope.

How do you keep the gift shop on Club Penguin?

Go to the Town, get a balloon from the box. Put it on the Super Helium to fill it with air, put the balloon on the Gift Shop, and quickly put the net under it. Put the pegs on the net and click the hammer on the Gift Shop.

How do you get the ladder down on Club Penguin?

You should eventually reach a “dead-end”. At this point, use one pile of corn seeds to lower the ladder. When you reach the top of the cliff, unplug Herbert’s computer. He will then use your Spy Phone to teleport you and a popcorn bomb back to the PSA HQ.

What is the secret task in mission 1?

The Letter from Aunt Arctic was an award in Club Penguin. It could have been obtained by completing the secret task of PSA Mission 1: Case Of The Missing Puffles. In order to obtain it, the player had to give Aunt Arctic a picture of her missing puffles, which could be found at the Ice Rink during the mission.

How do you do CPR missions?

How to Access the Missions

  1. Go to the Everyday Phoning Facility.
  2. Enter the lift to go to the EPF Command Room.
  3. Click on the black “PLAY MISSIONS” icon in the bottom right corner to begin playing.

Can you catch the shark in Club Penguin?

The games objective is to catch as many fish as possible without losing your three bait. Bait can be lost by having your fishing line come into contact with obstacles such as Jellyfish, Sharks and Crabs. After this, the player can catch up to 5 or 4 more Fish.

How do you solve the secret of the fur on Club Penguin?

Walkthrough. Talk to G – then click the Furensic Analyzer 3000. Use your comb from your Spy Phone to make the fur go into the machine. Talk to G again – now analyze the fur from the last mission.

How do you beat Veggie Villain?


  1. Speak to Gary.
  2. Go to the Gift Shop, and talk to Rookie.
  3. You will get a call on your Spy Phone, answer the call and get back to HQ and talk to Gary.
  4. Next, go to the Ski Village.
  5. Go to the Lighthouse and pick up the DVD which is under the piano.
  6. Turn to the right and pick up the metal can.

Where do you go in Club Penguin mission 7?

Go to the Dock and talk to the two penguins. Then play the snowball game and hit the target correctly. Give them the tube as a replacement. 11. Go to the Pizza Parlor and receive the music sheet by the piano.

How to do Clockwork repairs in Club Penguin?

Clockwork Repairs was the 7th PSA Mission, which focused on repairing the Clock Tower at the Snow Forts . 1. Start by clicking on Gary and listening to what he says. 2. Click the screen that shows the Snow Forts . 3. You will see Herbert and his crab breaking apart the clock.

What happens in Clockwork repairs mission 7?

The Clockwork Repairs is the seventh PSA mission. In the mission, the Clock Tower has gone haywire after Herbert and Klutzy took the main parts inside the clock, causing it to frizz. You must get the parts back into the clock for it to work again.

Where do you get spring in Club Penguin?

Go to the Iceberg and use the magnet to retrieve the spring which is in an ice cube. Then, go to the Town – talk to Rookie and he will give you a picture of the gear – put it in your inventory. Go to the Dock and talk to the 2 penguins there.