How do you fend yourself?

To look after or take care of oneself without assistance from anyone else. Moving to a new country for college really made me learn to fend for myself. I won’t be home from work until about 9 o’clock, so you and your sister will have to fend for yourselves for dinner.

What does it mean to fend for someone?

Fend is a verb that means to force back. Fend has a few other senses as a verb. Fend means to force back or repel someone or something.

What is the synonym of fend?

ward off, head off, stave off, hold off, keep off, repel, repulse, resist, forestall, pre-empt, fight off, defend oneself against, guard against, discourage, prevent, stop, put a stop to, block, intercept, halt, arrest, check, curb, hold back, balk, foil, thwart, keep at bay, keep at arm’s length.

What does it mean to keep someone to yourself?

If you keep to yourself, you stay on your own most of the time and do not mix socially with other people. He was a quiet man who always kept to himself.

Do I have to fend for myself?

to take care of and provide for yourself without depending on anyone else: Now that the children are old enough to fend for themselves, we can go away on vacation by ourselves. Want to learn more?

What does it mean to fend off?

to defend oneself against
: to defend oneself against (someone or something) They succeeded in fending off the attack/attackers. They have had to fend off allegations of voter fraud.

What is Staveoff?

transitive verb. 1 : to fend off staving off creditors. 2 : to ward off (something adverse) : forestall trying to stave off disaster.

What does Fin mean?

Fin is a French term meaning the end or finish. An example of fin is the end of a French movie. noun. 9.

Is fend a real word?

1 : to drive away or repel I tried to fend off an attack. 2 : to get along without help You’ll have to fend for yourself.

How do you describe a person who keeps to themselves?

troglodyte Add to list Share. A troglodyte is a person who lives all alone, in seclusion. You could call this type a “hermit” or a “recluse,” but it’s more fun to say troglodyte. Nowadays, a troglodyte generally refers to someone who lives alone, like a hermit.

When should you keep something to yourself?

To not reveal or share some thought, idea, opinion, or piece of information with anyone else. I think it’s best that we keep this to ourselves until we can determine what impact it will have. I don’t want your advice, so if you have any suggestions, just keep them to yourself!

What does keeping a distance mean?

to avoid going near someone or something, or to avoid getting too friendly with people: I’ve tried being friendly but she keeps her distance. Separateness and isolation in space.