How do you become a Navy Cantrac?

1) The first option is to access CANTRAC via the CeTARS Menu….Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC)

  1. Please delete any old bookmarks replacing them with the new URL posted above.
  2. Log into NKO.
  3. Go To the LEARNING Tab.
  4. Click Navy eLEARNING.
  5. The QUICK LINKS will be listed in the left margin.
  6. Click CANTRAC VOL II.

How do you enter training in Fltmps?

Once a user has an approved FLTMPS account they will immediately be able to Login using their CAC. Upon login, users will see the Main Menu Selection Buttons across the top of the web page. Users should select Lrng Event Completion Form to record training completed.

What is Fltmps?

Designed specifically for fleet, workforce and training managers, FLTMPS is a flexible web-based system that allows authorized Internet users to quickly access a wide variety of training, personnel and training reports currently available on the NTMPS system.

Who is the current Naval Education and training Command?

Peter A. Garvin
The commander of Naval Education and Training Command (NETC) is currently a 2-star admiral. NETC itself is located at Naval Air Station Pensacola, Florida….

Naval Education and Training Command
Commander Rear Admiral Upper Half Peter A. Garvin Chief of Naval Education and Training
Executive Director Mr. John R. Jones

How do I access Navy E Learning from home?

To access NeL through a link on My Navy Portal (MNP), select the “Professional Resources” drop-down menu, then “Navy e-learning Online Courses.” Users will need to update their saved bookmark to the new NeL URL.

How do I find my Navy PRT score?

Navy PRIMS Login

  1. Access BUPERS online via your Navy issued Common Access Card.
  2. Once in BOL in the BOL Application menu, look 2/3 of the way down the screen and you will see a link for PRIMS.
  3. Once in PRIMS you can select “Member” to see your fitness scores, BCA status and PRT status.

What is Navy training called?

Recruit training, or “boot camp,” will be approximately seven weeks long. The goal of this training is to transform you from a civilian into a Sailor with all of the skills necessary to perform in the fleet.

What is the Navy chain of command?

The Navy chain of command is an organizational hierarchy that shows how members of the unit or company report to one another. The naval chain of command is similar in structure to those in an office where an employee might report to a supervisor who then reports to a manager.

Where can I find my page 4 Navy?

The old NAVPERS 1670/605(page 5) and NAVPERS 1670/604(page 4) is located on the left side on the brown flap right after the DD 214.

How do I access Bupers online from home?

  1. 1 From Home.
  2. 2 Go to the BUPERS website. Go to the BUPERS website.
  3. 3 Type in your Social Security number.
  4. 4 Click Log On . ”
  5. 5 Click to accept the warning statement.
  6. 6 Enter a new password for your account.
  7. 7 Enter your password.
  8. 8 Enter your personal information.

Can you log into Navy E Learning without a CAC card?

Login to Navy E Learning E-Learning access will require a working CAC Card and pin code.