How do you beat bloxorz level?

Move to the right six times in a row. Move up once, right once and down once. Move your block to the left five times, then move up once. Press the space bar on your keyboard to change blocks, then move down once, right five times and down once more to complete the level.

How do you pass bloxorz Level 7?

In level 7, players must navigate narrow bridges and platforms to reach the goal. Press down then roll left once and press up so that your block is aligned with the narrow strip of squares to the top of the “X” on the far side of the screen. Move right end-over-end five times.

How do you change blocks in bloxorz?

Once you stand the block on the “( )” switch, it splits into two squares. The block must stand vertically on the switch; rolling over it will not split the block into two pieces. Press the spacebar to switch between each block.

How do you beat level 6 on bloxorz?

Press on “Load Stage” and type in “524383” using your keyboard’s number pad. Click on “Enter” and you will be taken straight to stage six, so you do not need to begin the game at level one to reach the stage.

How many levels are in bloxorz?

33 levels
Bloxorz has 33 levels or stages, each increasingly more challenging than the one before it.

How do you beat level 33 on bloxorz?

On level 33, you must navigate a maze of switches that you may not hit to activate an extra space to reach the goal.

  1. Press the right arrow four times, then up, left and down three times.
  2. Turn the block right twice, up, left, up, left, then up two more times.

What are the codes for bloxorz?

Bloxorz Cheat Codes: Complete List of Level Codes from 1 – 33

  • Level 01 – code : 780464.
  • Level 02 – code : 290299.
  • Level 03 – code : 918660.
  • Level 04 – code : 520967.
  • Level 05 – code : 028431.
  • Level 06 – code : 524383.
  • Level 07 – code : 189493.
  • Level 08 – code : 499707.

How do you play bloxorz level 6?

Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up” twice. Press “Left.” Press “Down.” Press “Right.” Press “Up.” Press “Left.” Press “Down” and press “Right.” Your block will drop through the hole into the next level.

What is the highest level in bloxorz?

Bloxorz has 33 levels or stages, each increasingly more challenging than the one before it.

What is the highest level on bloxorz?

How many levels of bloxorz are there?