How do I write a statutory declaration for immigration?

You should:

  1. Only provide information you know to be true and relevant.
  2. Write in a clear and understandable way, keeping sentences short.
  3. Write in the first person.
  4. Have a separate paragraph for each fact.
  5. Paragraphs should be in chronological order and numbered.

How do I write a statutory declaration in WA?

Page 1

  3. I, , of , occupation .
  4. {name, address and occupation of person making declaration}
  5. sincerely declare as follows:-
  6. {insert content of the statutory declaration; use numbered paragraphs if content is long}

Who can witness statutory declarations in WA?

Usually a witness can be anyone who:

  • is 18 years or older.
  • knows the person whose signature they are witnessing or has taken reasonable steps to verify their identity.
  • isn’t a party to the document.
  • if the document is a trust deed, isn’t a beneficiary of the trust.

How do I get a statutory declaration?

You must:

  1. sign or initial any alteration on each page.
  2. sign or initial each page.
  3. say the declaration: “I, [your full name] of [your address], declare that the contents of this statutory declaration are true and correct”
  4. sign and date the final page.
  5. sign and date each certificate (if any).

How much is a statutory declaration?

The cost of a statutory declaration should be just £5, with an additional £2 for each of any exhibits that may be attached. Ordinarily, the fee is paid in cash to the solicitor or other authorised person at the time the statutory declaration is made.

How do you write a statutory declaration sample?

You should:

  1. put each of the facts into separate paragraphs.
  2. put the paragraphs in date (chronological) order.
  3. finish with a statement that you “make this solemn declaration conscientiously believing the same to be true and by virtue of the provisions of the Oaths ​Act 1900”.

How much does a statutory declaration cost?

How much does it cost for statutory declaration?

Can a family member witness a statutory declaration?

If the family member falls within a class of persons authorised to witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration, the family member can witness your statutory declaration.

What should a statutory declaration include?

Your statutory declaration should contain:

  • your full name.
  • your address.
  • your occupation.
  • a statement that you “do solemnly and sincerely declare”
  • the things you say are true.

Can a statutory declaration be handwritten?

Section 2 of a statutory declaration is where you write your statement. You can type your statement, or use a pen. You should not use a pencil because information could be erased.

Can a statutory declaration be made in Western Australia?

Commonwealth, a Statutory Declaration may be made. Any authorised witness for the State of Western Australia may also witness a Commonwealth Statutory Declaration, as long as they are in Western Australia at the time of witnessing – Schedule 2, item 231 of the Statutory Declarations Regulations 1993 (Commonwealth).

Can a person be a witness to a statutory declaration?

STATUTORY DECLARATION. This declaration must be made before an authorised person. Only certain people may witness a Commonwealth statutory declaration. A list of people who can be witnesses is set out in Schedule 2 to the Statutory Declaration Regulations 2018.

What do you need for a statutory declaration?

You will also need to provide with the statutory declaration at least two documents from professional people. For example, a medical report or a witness statement made to the police.

Where can I get a statutory declaration in New Zealand?

They are usually listed in your local phone directory. Declarations made in New Zealand. Only certain people in New Zealand can witness a statutory declaration. These include a Justice of the Peace (JP), a solicitor or notary public, or a registrar or Deputy Registrar of the District Court or the High Court.