How do I reset my carrier furnace lockout?

Though lockout mode errors and resets do vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, most use a simple reset procedure that involves turning power off to the furnace for thirty seconds or longer and turning it back. The interrupted power supply clears the lockout and will allow the unit to attempt normal operation again.

Why does my furnace say lockout?

If fuel pressure is too low, or if the temperature in the heat exchanger is too high, the switch closes. This tells the furnace to shut down and go into lock out mode. Sometimes a dirty air filter can reduce air flow through the furnace to a point where the heat exchanger limit switch trips.

What does 13 limit lockout mean?

13 is limit circuit lockout, in which case your furnace would try and restart after 3 hours. The limit circuit is there to protect the furnace from overheating if there is insufficient airflow through the heat exchanger taking the heat away from the furnace and pushing it into your ductwork.

How do you manually reset a furnace?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. First, turn off the power supply to the furnace by turning off the breaker in the circuit box.
  2. Locate the reset button on the furnace and press it to reset the furnace.
  3. If the button is popped up, press it down.
  4. Return the cover to the blower compartment and turn the power on.

How do you fix a soft lockout on a furnace?

Turn off the 115 volt power supply to the furnace or turn the thermostat off for 5 – 10 seconds to reset the soft lockout.

What is code 13 on a carrier furnace?

It means that the high limit or flame rollout switch is open. This can lead to error code 13, Limit Circuit Lockout. Error 13 means that the limit or flame rollout has been open for more than 3 minutes. To address this issue, we need to ensure the furnace has proper air flow, and increase it if necessary.

What is a limit switch lockout?

[7] LIMIT CIRCUIT LOCKOUT — Lockout occurs if the limit or flame rollout switch is open longer than 3 minutes or 10 successive limit trips occured during high-heat. One of the most common issues that happens when a high limit switch goes bad is that it fails to signal the blower fan to turn off.

How do you fix code 31 on a carrier furnace?

31 = pressure switch. Checking for a debris build up inside the ID assy port that the hose from the PS is attached to, is a more common DIY fix. Make sure nothing is blocking your vent exhaust or intake. Beyond that it can be 30 or more other possibilities.

How can the safety lockout be reset?

How can the safety lockout be reset? Setting the thermostat below room temperature. When is the igniter energized on an induced draft furnace that uses hot surface ignition? After the draft switch closes to prove the draft.

Where is the reset button?

The Reset button is usually located on the back of your device but can be found on the bottom in some cases.

Which is the best furnace carrier for your home?

When you turn to the Carrier experts for your home heating system needs, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of natural gas and oil furnaces designed to fit any home and nearly any budget. Of course, the cost of a new furnace often reflects the comfort benefits, performance and length of warranties.

Is there a problem with my carrier furnace?

I have been looking over the forums the past couple of days and have tried some things…. Here is the problem, The furnace goes on, the big house blower starts up, 45 seconds or so the the small blower in the furnace starts up, then the glow plug lights up, the flame ignites, and it runs for 2-3 hrs.

Can a carrier gas furnace be converted to propane?

Many of the Carrier gas furnaces currently available can be converted for use with propane. The process includes replacing burner orifices, installing spoiler screws, installing a low gas pressure switch and making several additional adjustments.

What kind of Furnace is 90% AFUE?

For example, most furnaces that achieve 90% AFUE or higher are condensing-type furnaces. These furnaces include two heat exchangers instead of the one that is typically found in mid or low efficiency models.