How do I join the RCMP?

Application process

  1. Step One: Get the ball rolling: Submit an online application.
  2. Step Two: Learn more about a career in policing: Attend a career presentation and write the RCMP entrance exam.
  3. Step Three: All that paperwork: Submit the required forms and documents.

How long does RCMP application process take?

RCMP security screening can take 4 to 8mths to process so the hiring process is very long.

How hard is the RCMP exam?

The RCMP Police Aptitude Test is a semi-adaptive test. The test is scored on a scale of 5.0. A minimum score of 3.2 out of 5.0 is required to pass. So while the material covered on the RPAT may not be hard in and of itself, the test can get harder as you go along.

How much does an RCMP make a year?

Before the new collective agreement, a constable could make up to $86,110, while a staff sergeant made between $109,000 and just over $112,000. According to the RCMP, as of April 1, 2022 a constable will make up to $106,576 — a jump of $20,000. A staff sergeant will make between $134,912 and $138,657 next year.

What should I wear to the RCMP exam?

Re: GENERAL RCMP APPLICANT CHIT CHAT Ensure you wear comfortable yet professional attire for your exam, geta good night’s sleep prior to the test, eat a good meal and go to thewashroom prior to the start of the exam. The exam is three hours in duration.”

How do I pass the RCMP entrance exam?

Pass the RCMP! will help you:

  1. Increase your score with multiple choice strategies from exam experts.
  2. Practice with 2 complete practice question sets (over 500 questions)
  3. Make an RCMP Entrance Test study plan and study schedule.
  4. Answer multiple choice questions strategically.

What is the average RCMP pension?

The average pension paid to retired members and survivors was as follows: Public service: $29,314 (for fiscal year ended March 31, 2016) RCMP: $40,828 (for fiscal year ended March 31, 2016)

What kind of tests does the RCMP take?

The RCMP Police Aptitude Battery (RPAB) consists of two Police Tests including the RCMP Police Aptitude Test (RPAT) and the Six Factor Personality Questionnaire (SFPQ).

How to register for the RCMP training course?

Based on the selection criteria and prerequisites of the course, other documents may need to be submitted with the registration form (e.g., pre-course test results, letter of support) The training coordinator is to email the completed form to [email protected]

How to register for the new RCM examination?

Welcome to the new RCM Examination Registration system! For the best registration experience, please use Chrome as your browser. If you’re signed in, click here to register. From there, please follow the steps on your screen. 1. Please use the lost password facility to be sure you have the correct password. 2.

What are the forms for the RCMP GRC?

RCMP GRC 3567 – National Scholarship Program Application (PDF, 283 KB) RCMP GRC 3774 – Request for Analysis of Non-Court File Submissions (PDF, 231 KB) RCMP GRC 3919 – Notice of Occurrence (PDF, 365 KB) – for RCMP employees/internal use only