How do I identify my class ring?

Look for any mascot or markings on the ring. Research the history of the institution the ring was made to represent and the history of its mascots. If the mascot depicted on the ring is no longer in service at the institution, then the ring may be considered an antique.

What is an old class ring worth?

Some can be very valuable, and some were sold just for the scrap price. Very old class rings, class rings from time-honored universities, and class rings from elite schools and colleges are eligible for selling at particularly high prices. We know that very rare WWII class rings have sold for over $10,000.

Are Jostens rings worth anything?

Most Jostens class rings are made of 10K gold and some of 14K gold. Older Jostens class rings can be very heavy and thus very valuable. The company was founded 1897, and in the 20th century, gold was a cheap metal compared to the gold price over the last 10 years.

Are class rings fake?

fake class rings are created of solid materials such as metal, silicon, plastic, or rubber, which deliver smooth performance and superior durability. Find. fake class rings brands with grip handles or loops to ensure a smooth fitting and allow for quick-release.

Can you wear a class ring on your left hand?

Class rings are traditionally worn on the ring finger of your right hand. For men, the left hand is usually reserved for the marker of a different celebration you may have in your future, the wedding band, of course.

What is the point of a class ring?

Class rings are worn by students and alumni to commemorate and celebrate their graduation from a high school or college. They are a simple way to proudly carry on your memories of high school through the rest of your life.

Can you pawn someone else’s class ring?

Pawn shops will buy your old jewelry and give you cash for it, as long as it is made out of precious materials. It’s unlikely a pawnbroker will want to resell your ring as is, since class rings aren’t in demand such as wedding rings and engagement rings are.

Are stones in class rings real?

Usually, class rings feature a stone in the center, the school name around the stone, and designs engraved on either side. Based on wearers’ preferences, class rings can be made of precious metals and real gems or less expensive metals and simulated stones.

Does Jostens buyback class rings?

We understand your high school class ring is something you may want to keep forever. However, if you’re looking to purchase your college or military ring in the future, send in your Jostens high school ring and we will give you up to 50% of your ring’s original purchase price to go towards it. Ready to Redeem?

Can I sell my old class ring?

The best place to sell old class rings for the most money is at a pawn shop. That’s right! These shops are plentiful in most cities and you can often find them in small to medium sized towns.

What is the best metal for a class ring?

Sterling silver is one of the most durable and attractive metals used to make jewelry. In fact, sterling silver is stronger than gold! If you plan to wear and keep your graduation ring for many years to come, you want to invest in a quality, durable material.

Are class rings gold plated?

Class and Championship Rings They are rarely gold-filled or plated, and the stones are typically of little or no value.

How big is a 1950 vintage class ring?

Size 6 Vintage 1950 Antique 14k Gold Black Onyx Handmade Class Ring Size 11? Buying a vintage class ring is a way to reclaim a part of your youth. Old high school class rings and vintage college class rings for sale are sought by those who need a replacement.

Where can I find old high school class rings?

Old high school class rings and vintage college class rings for sale are sought by those who need a replacement. They can also be useful to individuals who might want a ring similar to the one a parent or grandparent might have worn. Old class rings on eBay can be authentic rings from a specific high school or college graduating class.

Why do I want a vintage class ring?

A few reasons for buying a vintage class ring are: Your original class ring was lost or stolen. You were unable to buy a class ring when you graduated from high school or college. You would like to own the same ring that a close family member would have worn.

Where can I get a Herff Jones class ring?

Try our RightSize app. Tell your story with personalized class rings and necklaces from Herff Jones. As the official supplier to your school, only Herff Jones can provide you with an official class ring or necklace that will remind you forever of your cherished memories.