How do I get to the Hidden Beach in Puerto Vallarta?

Get there: by chartering a boat or finding a tour, like Vallarta Adventures, out to Marieta Islands National Park, a 45-minute ride from Nayarit. You’ll need to take a boat that has a special permit, and plan on arriving at low tide.

How long is the ferry ride from Puerto Vallarta to marietas?

The boat ride was between 45min – 1.1/2 hours from the PV marina. It really depends upon how good of guides you have that stop to point out the dolphins and whales.

Is Vallarta Adventures in Puerto Rico?

Vallarta Adventures is Puerto Vallarta’s premier tour and activity operator. It offers a wide selection of adventure-based tours and excursions with things to do for people of all ages – from zip lines to swimming with dolphins, whale watching to snorkeling, scuba diving to an award winning dinner show.

Where are the marietas?

Wild Islas Marietas The Marieta Islands are located just a few miles off the tip of Punta Mita on the west coast of Mexico. This archipelago in Banderas Bay (Bahía de Banderas) is thought to have been formed by volcanic activity thousands of years ago.

How safe is Puerto Vallarta?

At the moment, Puerto Vallarta has low crime rates – lower even than Miami and Las Vegas. Violent crime isn’t so much of an issue, but there are some other things to watch out for. The Pacific Coast can become pretty volatile in hurricane season, which runs from June to November.

How far is Punta de Mita from Puerto Vallarta?

With its close proximity to ten major airports in the U.S. and Mexico – Punta Mita is the ideal destination for a quick getaway. About 25 miles north of the Puerto Vallarta International Airport, it only takes a reasonable 45-minute drive through long picturesque stretches to reach the resort town’s main entrance.

Is the Ocean warm in Puerto Vallarta?

The pleasantly warm waters make for perfect swimming, snorkelling, and diving conditions. A summer vacation in Puerto Vallarta means that it is never too cold to get wet in the ocean.

What is Vallarta in English?

The Vallarta meaning in English is just that, the last name of an influential person. Puerto, on the other hand, means port, or a town with a harbor where ships can load and unload. Together, the Vallarta meaning in English is Port of Vallarta.

Where is secret beach in Mexico?

Puerto Vallarta
Playa Del Amor, commonly referred to as the Hidden Beach of Puerto Vallarta, is located in the Marietas Islands 22 miles west off the shore of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Can you swim in the ocean in Punta Mita?

The St Regis Punta Mita is great for swimming in the ocean. About half the beach is rocky and would require shoes but if you go to the far right it is very sandy and easy to get in and out.