How do I get from Kochi Airport to Ernakulam?

There is no direct connection from Kochi Airport (COK) to Ernakulam Town. However, you can take the bus to Aluva, take the walk to Aluva, take the subway to Lissie Jn, then take the walk to Ernakulam Town. Alternatively, you can take the taxi to Ernakulam Town.

How far is Cochin airport from Ernakulam railway station?

Kochi Airport is located around 23 KM away from Ernakulam Railway Station so if you travel at the consistent speed of 50 KM per hour you can reach Ernakulam Railway Station in 0 hours and 29 minutes.

How far is Ernakulam from Cochin?

Distance Between Kochi to Ernakulam

Distance between Kochi to Ernakulam by Road is 10 Kms
Distance between Kochi to Ernakulam by Flight is 7 Kms
Travel Time from Kochi to Ernakulam by Road is 0:21 hrs
Nearest Airport in Kochi Cochin International Airport (9.93, 76.27)

How far is Kochi Airport from City?

Cochin Airport is 35 kms from city and taxi fare can cost you as much as a budget airline ticket.

Which railway station is near to Kochi airport?

Angamaly (AFK) and Aluva (AWY) are the nearest railway stations. For information on train schedules or ticket reservation, you may click on any of the links below.

How far is Kochi from Cochin?

Distance To Kochi From Cochin is: 3967 miles / 6384.27 km / 3447.23 nautical miles.

Is Kochi and Ernakulam the same?

Ernakulam region is located at the central parts of Kochi city. Thus the name is often used interchangeably with the name “Kochi” to refer to the city. The Ernakulam District is situated in Central Kerala in India.

Is Cochin and Ernakulam Airport same?

There is another city in Japan with the same name – KOCHI. This place is known and called as Kochi or Ernakulam commonly. Cochin International Airport is 28 Kms North East of Cochin and is located outside the main city. Kochi originated from kochazhi which, in Malayalam, denotes “small estuary”.

Is Ola available in Kochi airport?

At present, Ola cabs offer their service at Rs 10/km and Uber at Rs 7/km. Our focus is on our core service areas all over Kochi – from airport to Fort Kochi, covering Marine Drive, Palarivattom, Kacheripady and Kalamassery,” said an Uber spokesperson.

Is Kochi a good city?

Kochi. Some of the best places to live in Kochi are Edapally, Pachalam, Thripunithura, Mamangalam, Ponekkara, Kakkanad and Fort Kochi. The city is also rife with entertainment areas that promote art and culture and with excellent parks like Changampuzha Park, Subhash Park, Cherai beach, Fort Kochi and Vypeen Island.

Why Kochi is called Ernakulam?

Inside Kochi City, Ernakulam refers to the downtown area. Locally, Ernakulam refers to the mainland part of the city and Fort Kochi refers to the peninsular portion. By the way Cochin is the anglicized name of Kochi.

Which city is known as Kochi’s twin city?

Kochi, India became Norfolk’s 8th Sister City in September 2010. Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, Kochi (formerly called Cochin) is one of the principal seaports of India and the commercial hub of the tropical state of Kerala in southwest India.