How do I fix a C000 error on my Canon printer?

Resolve Error Code C000 on a PIXMA MX922

  1. Cause. Possible causes may include: Packing material (orange tape) isn’t fully removed.
  2. Actions. Remove the packing material. Reseat / replace the ink tank.
  3. If the issue remains. Turn the printer OFF, and unplug the power cord. Plug the machine back in and turn it back ON.

What is error C000?

The error c000 indicates that an internal error has occurred with the Canon printer. Because of the internal issue, the device cannot function properly.

How do I reset my canon MX882 printer?

Default Settings

  1. Make sure that the machine is turned on.
  2. Press the Setup button.
  3. Select Device settings, then press the OK button.
  4. Use the. button to select Reset settings, then press the OK button.
  5. Use the.
  6. Telephone number only: Reverts the telephone number settings to default.
  7. Use the.

How do I connect my Canon MX882 to my computer?

To connect your PIXMA MX882 to the wireless LAN using the Easy setup method, follow the steps below.

  1. Press the Setup button on the printer.
  2. Press the right arrow key to select Wireless LAN setup.
  3. Press OK on Easy setup.
  4. The printer will search for nearby wireless networks.

How do I fix error 6000 on my Canon printer?

Methods to Resolve Canon Printer Error 6000

  1. Firstly, Unplug the printer from the power source and leave it in pause mode for few mintues.
  2. Now, plug in the printer again and switch it on.
  3. Just repeart this process once or twice and then release the “Power” button.
  4. Snap the “Stop” button 4-5 times.

Where is the reset button on a Canon Pixma printer?

The reset procedure of the Canon printer is very simple. Find the Stop button on the control panel of the printer. Press the Stop button and hold it for a few seconds. Do not release it until the Orange color Alarm lamp blinks 21 times.

Is Canon Pixma MX882 Airprint compatible?

The MX882 also allows you to turn your office into a photo lab. printing technology and print photos from compatible iPad, iPhone 4, 3G, 3GS, iPod touch and Android devices6.

What do I do if my Canon printer is in error state?

If your printer’s status displays “Printer in error state,” there may be a problem with the printer itself. Make sure the printer is turned on and connected to your PC by Wi-Fi or cable. Check it for low paper or ink, and be sure the cover isn’t open and the paper isn’t jammed.