How do I find UL listings?

Check the Label

  1. Look for the UL trademark!
  2. Right under the UL trademark, the word LISTED or CLASSIFIED will appear in all capital letters.
  3. Under LISTED/CLASSIFIED you will find what the product is.
  4. Most importantly, under the product identity is the control or issue number.

How do I find my UL file number?

Any “UL File Number” can be retrieved on the base of an UL account which grants access to UL’s database. The data base sheet (formerly called “Yellow card”) of a concrete “UL File Number” present by the UL’s data base holds the information about the manufacturer, the product, and the fulfilled UL standards.

How expensive is a UL listing?

How much does it cost to get a product UL certified? The fee, paid to UL, is often in the range between US$5,000 to 15,000.

Is ETL listing the same as UL?

Aside from the body that issues the listing, there is absolutely no difference between a UL listing and an ETL listing. Because Intertek ETL tests products to previously published UL Standards for Safety, products marked as ETL Listed meet exactly the same criteria as those marked UL Listed or UL Recognized.

What is a UL CCN?

UL standards certification includes listing certification and recognition certification. UL-certified products are assigned a CCN (Category Control Number) according to the product category. A CCN, in principle, consists of four letters and a one-digit number.

What are UL requirements?

The UL Listed seal means that the product has been tested by UL to nationally recognized safety and sustainability standards. Additionally, it has been found to be free from a reasonably foreseeable risk of fire, electric shock in a Division 2 environment.

What is a UL listing number?

UL Listing means that UL has tested representative samples of a product and determined that the product meets specific, defined requirements. These requirements are often based on UL’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety.

What requires a UL listing?

For a product to be UL listed, it must be a stand-alone product. UL listed is used to ensure the safety of products that are consumer ready and go on the market. To become UL listed, more product testing is involved than for UL recognized products.

Is UL listing required?

Having a UL listed certified unit is not legally required. It is, however, a common practice because many large companies will only buy equipment that has passed the UL safety tests. Having a tested product shows that the equipment meets a nationally recognized safety standard.

Is ETL recognized in USA?

Yes. Inspectors, code officials and Authorities Having Jurisdiction recognize and accept the ETL Mark as proof of product compliance throughout North America as well as other parts of the world.

Is cUL accepted in USA?

In the US and Canada, there are primarily two: UL and cUL. Their initials UL represent their mark of approval on all equipment sold in the US, while in Canada their mark is represented by cUL. It must be known that equipment stamped UL is not suitable for the Canadian market and may show unpredictable behavior.

Does US require UL approval?

Is the UL mark required by law? No, there is no law which makes UL certification mandatory. All electrically controlled devices or systems in the USA must be approved. In the USA, qualified COs are test laboratories recognised by the OSHA, named “Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories” (NRTLs).

Where can I search for information about ul?

Explore our business intelligence-building digital tools and databases, search for help, review our business information, or share your concerns and questions. A secure, online source for increased visibility into your UL project files, product information, documents, samples and services.

What makes a product an authorized use of the UL mark?

A UL Listed product was modified in the field. Does this void the Listing? An authorized use of the UL Mark is the manufacturer’s declaration that the product was manufactured in accordance with all applicable requirements, and was in compliance with those requirements when it was shipped from the factory.

Are there any exceptions to the UL mark?

The only exception is if UL authorizes the UL Mark to be applied in the field as a result of a field inspection. During a field inspection UL representatives determine if the product complies with applicable safety standards and requirements, and if compliance is determined product labeling is performed in the presence of the UL representative.

What is a CE mark and is it equivalent to a UL listing Mark?

What is a CE mark and is it equivalent to a UL Listing Mark? A CE Marking is a European marking of conformity that indicates that a product complies with the requirements of the applicable European laws or directives.