How do ball closure rings work?

These piercing rings consist of a ring that closes with a captive ball. The ball has a tiny dimple on either side, which the ends of the ring fit into. The pressure of the ring keeps the ball in place, making ball closure rings (BCRs) one of the most secure types of jewellery.

How do you close a nose ring with a ball?

Steady your nose ring with your nondominant hand and use the pliers to gently pull open your ring. Push the ball into place and test to make sure it’s in tightly enough. If not, close the ring by lightly pressing it together with the pliers until the ball is firmly in place.

How do you open and close a BCR?

The best method is to use long nose pliers or preferably BCR / Circular barbell opening pliers. By placing the pliers through the ring and VERY GENTLY opening them until the ball is released. Being forceful or stretching the ring to far will mean the ring will be too loose for the ball to be inserted back in place.

What do you do when your piercing won’t unscrew?

A pair of latex or rubber gloves will usually provide enough grip to unscrew a stuck piercing ball. Make sure the jewelry is completely dry and grab the ball with your gloved hand. The bit of extra torque from the rubber gloves might provide just the right amount of traction to get your ball unstuck.

What is a bar piercing?

Also called bar or scaffolding piercings, industrial piercings are placed on the ear and go directly through the cartilage at two separate points that are typically around an inch and a half apart.

How do you find the hole inside your nose?

slide the ring over your nostril with the ball on the outside, positioned right over the hole of your piercing. This will line up the bottom almost exactly with the hole on the inside, and all you have to do is twist it so that the ball is on the inside.

What do you do if your nose hoop is too big?

Solution: If regular nose hoops don’t seem to be big enough for your piercing, but larger, universal circular rings (such as seamless segment rings) stick out from your piercing too much, a good solution is getting a custom nose ring.

How do you remove a captive bead ring without pliers?

Grab the jewelry by ring with the index and thumb of one hand. Grab the bead or ball with the index and thumb of the other hand. Pull and apply force in opposite directions causing the tension that the ring has on the ball or bead to break. Once the ball or bead is free, rotate the jewelry out.

Do barbells unscrew both ends?

Most barbells use threading on both ends and both balls are removable. To reduce manufacturing cost some barbells may have one of the balls permanently attached by press-fitting and it cannot be removed.

When can I change my conch piercing to a hoop?

How to Change Out a Conch Piercing. It’s important not to mess with your new piercing until it’s totally healed in six to nine months. The first time you go to change the jewelry, considering returning to the professional who did your piercing in the first place.