How can I complain to Delhi government?

Submit your grievances through an online grievance redressal form by Public Grievance Commission of Delhi. Users can register a complaint by providing details such as name of applicant, address, phone number, description of grievance, etc.

What is PGMS complaint?

Centralised Public Grievance Redress and Monitoring System (CPGRAMS) is an online platform available to the citizens 24×7 to lodge their grievances to the public authorities on any subject related to service delivery. The status of the Appeal can also be tracked by the petitioner with the grievance registration number.

Does LG AC have free service?

Free Service policy is applicable for LG Air Conditioners invoiced to end customer. The customer needs to book a call with LG Customer Care on 1800-180-9999 or 1800-315-9999 to avail these Free Preventive Maintenance services.

How can I complain to Delhi Police?

1064 ) (e-mail: dcp-vigilance- [email protected]) handles all complaints against police officers indulging in acts of corruption, negligence and malpractices. Delhi Police has also provided whatsapp No. 9910641064 to register any complaint of corruption against a police official.

How can I raise my grievance in Delhi Jal Board?

Complaints in Delhi Jal Board are lodged at Water Emergencies through website of CM’s ‘Aap Ki Sunwai’, ‘LG’s listening post, ‘SMS’, ‘Police Control Room Hotline and ‘Central Control Room’.

Is Delhi police under CM?

Delhi Police comes under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA), Government of India.

How do you file a case against the government?

File your grievances against the Central Government Ministries, Departments and State Governments by filling up this online application form. This service is provided by the Portal for Public Grievances (PG Portal) under the Department of Administrative Reforms and Public Grievances.

Who is the CEO of LG India?

Kim Ki-Wan
LG Electronics appointed Kim Ki-Wan as the new Managing Director of its India operations, effective August 1.

Who is the current Lieutenant Governor of Delhi?

The current Lieutenant Governor is Anil Baijal, a former Union Home Secretary. His official residence is in Raj Niwas, Delhi. Delhi was earlier head by a Chief Commissioner who was an ICS officer.

What does Directorate of Public Grievances in India do?

They should, however, check the availability of officer concerned in advance to avoid inconvenience. !!! The Directorate of Public Grievances (DPG) in the Cabinet Secretariat of Government of India Helps to obtain responses to unresolved grievances on matters relating to some Central Government Departments and Organisations.

Who are the 5 Chief Commissioners of Delhi?

Chief Commissioners # Name Took office Left office 2 Anand Dattahaya Pandit, ICS 1954 1959 3 Bhagwan Sahay, ICS 1959 1963 4 Venkata Vishwanathan, ICS 1964 7 September 1966 5 Aditya Nath Jha, ICS 7 September 1966 1 November 1966

Can a grievance be resolved through the DPG?

Your earlier attempts to have the grievance resolved through the grievance redressal mechanism of the department should be furnished.