How can I boot my iPhone from my computer?

Step 1: Connect the iPhone to the computer and then follow the steps corresponding to your phone model. For iPhone 6s and earlier: Press and hold both the Power button and the Home button. After a few seconds, release the Power button and continue to hold the Home button.

Can I restart my iPhone from my computer?

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer and open iTunes. If you’re on a Mac with MacOS Catalina or later, open a Finder window. Step 2: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button. Step 5: In iTunes or Finder on your computer, choose to update or restore your device to begin resetting your iPhone.

How do I hard reset my iPhone from my computer?

1 Answer

  1. Connect your device to your computer using the cable that came with it.
  2. Select your iPhone, iPad, or iPod when it appears in iTunes.
  3. In the Summary panel, click Restore.
  4. Click Restore again to confirm that you want to restore your device to factory settings and delete all data and content.

How do I hard reset my iPhone 4 with buttons?

Step 1: To start with, press and hold down the Home and sleep/wake button together. Step 2: Keep holding both buttons until the screen of your device goes black. Step 3: Now, wait until you see the Apple logo on your screen. Once it appears, release both buttons, and your device is resetting.

How do I factory reset my iPhone without a computer?

Part 1. Factory Reset an iPhone Without a Computer via Settings

  1. Go to the Settings app > General > Reset > Erase All Content and Settings.
  2. The process will take a couple of minutes to complete.
  3. Open Safari or any browsers on any of your device > Enter > Log in with your Apple ID and password.

How do I reset my phone from my laptop?

On your PC:

  1. Select Start > Settings > Apps.
  2. In Apps & features, select the Your Phone app from the list.
  3. Select Advanced options > Reset.
  4. Relaunch Your Phone on your PC.

How do you reset an iPhone 4 without a computer?

Question: Q: How to factory reset iphone4 without a computer

  1. From another device, go to
  2. If prompted, sign in with your Apple ID.
  3. Click All Devices at the top of your browser window.
  4. Select the device you want to erase.
  5. Click Erase [device] to erase your device and its passcode.

Where is the reset button on the iPhone 4?

Reset iPhone 4: Press and hold the Home button (big circle below the screen) and the Sleep/Wake button (on top of the iPhone) simultaneously. Continue holding both buttons until the iPhone shuts off and begins to restart.

How do I hard boot my iPhone?

1. Press the Volume Up button on your iPhone and quickly release it. 2. Next, press the Volume Down button and quickly release it. 3. Finally, press and hold the Power button (Apple now calls it the side button) until you see the Apple logo appearing on the screen of your iPhone.

How do you Hard Reset an Apple iPhone?

Directions for carrying out the iPhone Hard Reset Press the two physical buttons sleep/wake and the home button on the iPhone, holding them for approximately 10-20 seconds. After holding both buttons for approximately 5 seconds, the slide to power off button appears. Continue to hold until the apple logo appears.