How can a college student get an apartment in NYC?

The most common way to find a place to rent is to get roommates, and if you have friends attending the same school as you do, this is a great option. Another option is to look into getting a guarantor to sign your lease.

How much does it cost to live in NYC after college?

Monthly income: $3,500. Rent: $1,500/month. Average cost of utilities (phone, cable, gas/electric): $150/month. Average cost of groceries: $450/month.

Is New York a good place to live after college?

New York City has long been a popular landing place for recent college grads, so you should know that you’ll be facing a lot of competition for apartments. Of course, it’s not just recent graduates who are combing NYC for apartments—you are competing with other newcomers who may be more established in their jobs.

Where do most college students live in NYC?

Best neighborhoods for students in New York City

  • Washington Heights. Located in Upper Manhattan, Washington Heights is an easy commute to Columbia and about 35 minutes from Union Square.
  • Astoria, Queens.
  • Fordham, The Bronx.
  • Morningside Heights.
  • Bushwick, Brooklyn.

How can students afford to live in NYC?

A Guide for the College Student Living in NYC

  1. Not living in a dorm? Choose the right neighborhood.
  2. Find a roommate, limit expenses.
  3. Use public transit.
  4. Schedule time to socialize.
  5. Don’t party your way through school.
  6. Occasionally, get off campus.
  7. Stay on a budget.
  8. Be ready to work.

How do college students afford apartments?

Use Student Loans to Pay Rent Whether you’re living on campus or off campus, student loans can be used to pay for housing costs. For off-campus housing, you’ll have to be more hands-on with using loans to pay your rent. Typically, student loan disbursements are issued directly to your college.

Can I afford to move to NYC?

The truth is, if you live frugally, you can afford to move to NYC. If you cut costs as much as you can – share an apartment with roommates, hit up more affordable establishments, and take advantage of all the free stuff to do in New York – your money will stretch far enough for you to make it here.

How much money do you need to live comfortably in Manhattan?

This rule simply states that to live comfortably and afford rent, one should earn at least three times the monthly rent before taxes. For example, the average cost of a one-bedroom apartment in Manhattan is $3,737. To live comfortably, a resident would need to earn at least $11,211 monthly before taxes.

Is it cheaper to live on or off campus at NYU?

For example, if an NYU student chooses to live in a single room on campus, the average monthly housing cost is $2,028, while the median off-campus housing cost is $2,650 — a monthly difference of $622 a month and $7,464 a year.

How do people afford college in NYC?