How accurate are Stalker radar guns?

Available exclusively from Stalker Radar. Jugs Gun — Sports Radar Gun has an Accuracy Index of ±0.5 mph. Measures Both MPH and KPH and has a Speed Range of 5-140 mph (8-224 kph). Range is up to 300 ft.

What is the most accurate radar gun?

Most Accurately Priced Radar Gun: Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun. The Bushnell Velocity Speed Radar Gun determines an object’s speed from up to 90′ with an accuracy rate of +/- 1 mph. It can also measure the speed of a moving car from 1500′. The radar gun’s point & shoot operation makes it easy to use.

Are pocket radars slow?

If you point a Pocket Radar (or any radar unit) at an object moving sideways instead of directly towards you or away from you, it will read a very slow speed – not the accurate speed.

Can Pocket radars be wrong?

There is no argument from me about the accuracy of each of these guns. When Pocket Radar, Jugs & Stalker claim that their radar guns are accurate, they are telling the truth. Each gun gives accurate and consistent readings within 1mph of each other almost every time when compared side by side.

How much is a pocket radar?


Product Features Smart Coach Radar Ball Coach Radar
Prices $399.99 $299.99
Accurate Ball Speeds
Exit Velocity off the bat
Range (on a baseball) 120 Feet 120 Feet

Are Bushnell radar guns good?

According to an Amazon review that I found, it is consistently 7-8 mph slower than a stalker radar gun. The person said they stood gunned next a stalker radar gun and it was constantly that much slower.

What radar gun do scouts use?

Stalker Sport 2 Radar—Scout Package (Scout Pick) With a certification of accuracy and a 300-foot working range, the Stalker Sport 2 Radar gun is excellent for amateurs and professionals alike.

Can you use Pocket Radar by yourself?

Each Pocket Radar design includes exceptional performance and technology that fits in the palm of your hand. Pocket Radar products are convenient and rugged enough for everyday use by everyone from pro to amateur, to National Championship winning coaches and anyone interested in speed.

Is the Pocket Radar app worth it?

“The Smart Coach Radar is awesome. It’s easy to use, it’s accurate, and it fits conveniently in my bag or even in my pocket. It, combined with the App, gives you the ability to not only get readings displayed on your phone, but to also record video at the same time.

Why is my Pocket Radar so off?

As you go off angle the speeds read lower. At around 20 degrees off-angle, the readings will be about 5% lower than the true speed. This is true of any radar gun. This can happen if you are standing off to the side of a pitcher instead of behind them.

Can you use a Pocket Radar by yourself?

Why are Stalker Radar guns used in baseball?

For over 20 years, Stalker Sports Radar guns have been used by baseball professionals around the world because consistent ball speed measurement is the only acceptable result. No other brand delivers the range, accuracy, or consistency of Stalker Sport Radar guns.

What are the features of the stalker Scout?

Stalker Scout Package includes: * Stalker Sport 2 Radar * 6 AA NiMH rechageable batteries * Wall charger * Comprehensive User Manual * Hard Carry Box The next-generation Stalker Sport 2 is the powerful, and easy to use baseball solution. Quickly and easily measure pitching and running speeds with (2) active speed windows.

What kind of batteries are in Stalker Sport 2?

Includes Stalker Sport 2 radar, (6) AA (non-rechargeable) Alkaline batteries and Operators Manual in cardboard carry box. Includes Stalker Sport 2 radar, (6) AA NiMH (rechargeable) batteries, Wall charger and Operators Manual in cardboard carry box.

What is in a Sport 2 radar gun?

Sport 2 radar gun, hard carrying case, tripod, 3 1/2-digit LED Speed Sign, mounts, cables, manuals and charging systems are all included in the package. Sport 2 radar gun, hard carrying case, tripod, 3 1/2-digit LED Speed Sign, Wireless modules, mounts, cables, manuals and charging systems.