Does SDI support 1080p?

SDI is a professional digital video standard developed for broadcast video. SDI carries uncompressed digital video and 16 channels of PCM audio. SDI is transmitted over 75 Ohm coax cable with BNC connectors, typically RG-6. 3G-SDI supports 1080p, and 6G-SDI supports up to 4K at 30Hz.

What is HD-SDI output?

HD-SDI is a high-definition digital component serial interface. HD-SDI is high-definition radio and television camera which is real-time and uncompressed. It is another scientific and technological progress in the security monitoring field. It provides a high-definition image source for the monitoring center.

Is 12G SDI 4K?

The 12G SDI standard was introduced simultaneously with the 6G SDI interface in 2015. Since higher bitrates are part of the standard, 12G SDI supports 4K 60 from a single link and 8K 30 from a dual. …

Is HD-SDI better than HDMI?

When comparing SDI to HDMI specs, HDMI 2.0 is the clear theoretical winner of image quality because it surpasses the bandwidth of three SDI cables. SDI is a one-way, multiplexed protocol designed to carry the highest quality video, audio and metadata over a coaxial cable or fiber.

Can 6G SDI support 4K?

You will need four separate 75 ohm BNC coax cables that support at least 1.5 Gb/s of bandwidth for Quad-Link HD-SDI. Quad-Link HD-SDI supports both DCI 4K and UHD 4K. The maximum quality supported by Quad-Link HD-SDI is 10-bit 4:2:2 at 30p. 6G-SDI with the Blackmagic Multiplex 4K.

How far can HD-SDI run?

about 100 meters
HD-SDI is regularly transmitted over low-loss digital video grade RG6-style coaxial cable up to a nominal maximum distance of about 100 meters.

What devices use SDI?

SDI is used to connect together different pieces of equipment such as recorders, monitors, PCs and vision mixers.

How far can 12G-SDI?

Starting Down the Path Toward 12G-SDI Although it has changed over the years, the magic distance for video cables today is 100m (328 feet).

What is HDMI 6G?

The Blackmagic Design SDI to HDMI 6G Mini Converter converts SDI in resolutions up to DCI 4K (4096 x 2160) at 24p and UHD 4K (3840 x 2160) up to 30p to HDMI. This is useful for connecting consumer devices that require HDMI signals with professional SDI video equipment.

Can SDI transfer audio?

The SDI standard includes 16 channels of embedded audio with your video signal. That means you get up to 16 mono or 8 stereo channels perfectly synchronized with your video. The advantage of SDI embedded audio means that you can route or directly patch synchronized audio and video on a single cable!

How long can you run HD-SDI cable?

How does HD-SDI work?

The data transmission format of HD-SDI is basically the same as the transmission format of SD-SDI, and the luminance signal Y and the color difference signals Cb and Cr subjected to time-division multiplexing are handled as 20-bit words. Each 20-bit word corresponds to a color difference sample and a luminance sample.

What is SDI video signal?

SDI is a professional video signal that is preferred in production environments because of its longer range (up to 300 feet) and reliability, since it’s typically sent along BNC Cabling that has specialized connectors on each end to lock into the devices they connect to.

What is a SDI signal?

What Is SDI And SDI Signal. SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface. SDI is a standard used for the transmission of Digital Video over the coaxial cable. SDI signal is full bandwidth uncompressed signal that can carried out on single cable.

What is SDI camera?

SDI is a fully digital CCTV System, where signal from each and every Surveillance SDI Camera is sent back to the SDI DVR Unit via Standard Coaxial Cable. Signal is fully digital, not analog like with Regular CCTV Systems. Since every SDI Camera is connected directly to the SDI DVR,…

What is Serial Digital Interface (SDI)?

Serial Digital Interface (SDI) is a standard for digital video transmission over coaxial cable. The most common data speed is 270 megabits per second (Mbps). However, speeds of up to 540 Mbps are theoretically possible. Standard 75-ohm cable is used. This is the same type of coaxial cable used in most home television (TV) installations.