Does Massari mean money?

He started his musical career in 2001-2002 adopting the stage name Massari, which in Lebanese Arabic, Massari (مصاري maṣāri ) means “money”.

Where is Massari from in Canada?

Beirut, Lebanon
Massari/Place of birth

How old is Massari?

40 years (December 10, 1980)

Where did Massari grow up?

Massari was born Sari Abboud in Beirut on December 10, 1980. As he was growing up, Lebanon became mired in Civil War, and when he was ten, his family emigrated to Montreal, Quebec, Canada. When he was 13, the family moved to Ottawa, Ontario, where Sari performed for an audience for the first time at a talent show.

What is Massari net worth?

Massari’s revenue is $106.3K in 2017….Massari Net Worth 2017.

Month Earnings
December 2017 $6.4K -$7.8K

What is the Lebanese word for money?

Masare (Lebanon and the Levant) The word masare is used to reference money by the people of the Levant, especially the Lebanese and Syrians. If you’re speculating whether the word has anything to do with Egypt (Masr in Arabic), you’re right because it actually originates from the country.

What country is Massari from?


What’s Massari real name?

Sari Abboud
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What do they call Arab money?

5. Riyalat (Saudi Arabia) Saudis use the word riyalat to refer to money and it’s basically the plural of the kingdom’s local currency: the riyal. People in the country also use the term fooloos when discussing money.

What is Fulus Arabic?

The fals (Arabic: فلس‎, romanized: fals, plural fulus) was a medieval copper coin first produced by the Umayyad caliphate (661–750) beginning in the late 7th century. The term is still used in modern spoken Arabic for money, but pronounced ‘fils’.