Does Mage armor count against unarmored defense?

Unarmored Defense doesn’t work with mage armor.

Does defense work with Mage armor?

The Defense fighting style requires armor While you are wearing armor, you gain a +1 bonus to AC. It requires you to be wearing armor to gain its benefit. This means you can never get this bonus on top of mage armor, because they’re mutually exclusive.

Does Mage armor stack with unarmored movement?

No. Being under the effect of Mage Armor does not count as wearing armor (indeed, the spell ends if you put on armor).

What stacks with unarmored defense?

Non-armor AC sources stacking with Unarmored Defense?

  • default: AC = 10 + DEX.
  • Ringmail: AC = 14.
  • Monk UD: AC = 10 + DEX + WIS (no shield allowed)
  • Barb UD: AC = 10 + DEX + CON.
  • Mage Armor: AC = 13 + DEX.
  • etc.

Can you use Mage armor on yourself?

Yes. That’s the intended use of the spell, in most cases – giving an arcane spellcaster some kind of armor, since they don’t usually get real armor proficiency.

Can a monk benefit from Mage armor?

Mage armor is a magical force with no weight to it. It is not real armor. Unarmored Defense for a monk means being able to freely move, so mage armor does not interfere with Unarmored Defense.

Can Wizards wear Bracers?

Yes, they do stack.

Do Bracers count as armor 5e?

You can have only one thing that sets your base AC, whether Unarmored Defense, Natural Armor, Robe of the Archmagi, or an actual Armor set, but you can have multiple things that add to AC. The only restriction with Bracers of Defense is Armor and Shields. If you aren’t wearing Armor, and not using a Shield, it works.

Does Mage armor stack with Monk Pathfinder?

Simply having an armor bonus or shield bonus does not count as physically wearing armor or a shield. The mage armor spell simply grants its target an armor bonus. Thus, a monk under the effects of mage armor does not lose access to class features that forbid wearing armor.

Can Tortles benefit from unarmored defense?

No, because it’s not actually armor. An unarmored Tortle Monk is not wearing armor, so it gets the benefit of Unarmored Movement.

Does unarmored defense stack with Wildshape?

You retain the benefit of any features from your class, race, or other source and can use them if the new form is physically capable of doing so. This means that you can choose Unarmored Defense, meaning you can choose to use the better of the two Armor Classes.

Is mage armor good for Warlock?

No, the rules for both AC and Mage Armor do not allow it.