Does Klaus fall in love with Hayley?

We know that Klaus will have an emotional breakthrough in Season 2, but it definitely won’t be that he’s in love with Hayley or that he’s more of a pack-guy than a lone wolf. He bonded with Hayley from the beginning, protected her when Klaus wanted her and the baby to be killed, and THEY KISSED.

Why did Klaus and Hayley sleep together?

The complex relationship between the Original Hybrid Niklaus Mikaelson and the non-original hybrid Hayley Marshall-Kenner. Hayley returned to Mystic Falls in Bring It On, during which Klaus tried to obtain information from her about Katherine Pierce, which ultimately led to them having sex.

Do Hayley and Klaus ever get together?

“They’re not lovers, but they’re parents of this girl, and they have to be in concert if they’re going to do everything they need to do to raise her and protect her.” Last season saw the unexpected death of Camille just after she (finally) romanced the hybrid.

How did Klaus and Hayley die?

The family relationship between Klaus Mikaelson, Hayley Marshall-Kenner and their daughter, Hope. Klaus and Hayley conceived her in Mystic Falls after that Klaus saved Hayley from Will. They killed Hayley and left Klaus unconscious.

Is Klaus jealous of Elijah and Hayley?

“He’s very jealous,” Morgan told MTV News over the phone. “He’s not desiring a love interest specifically, but he wants to be the center of attention. That’s why he hates when Elijah and Rebekah are conspiring, and he hates if Elijah and Hayley are together, because that’s Elijah playing surrogate father to his child.

Why did Elijah let Hayley die?

When Hayley was about to die because of Mikael, Elijah was very afraid of losing her and decided to open up to her about what he felt for her. Elijah tried to help her but she pushed him away because of her belief that Elijah sees her differently than before.

Does Elijah marry Hayley?

Before Elijah was bitten by Marcel, fans will recall that he and Hayley finally got together. And Haylijah fans will be happy to hear that five years apart hasn’t changed their feelings.

What happens to Hayley and Rebekah in the originals?

Rebekah knows Klaus has done something to Elijah and Hayley helps her search for brother. As they go down into the basement, they see the coffins Klaus keeps. Rebekah tells her the purpose of the coffins and the daggers and Hayley seems shocked to find out he keeps a coffin on stand-by for Rebekah in case she “disappoints” him.

Who is the creator of the TV series The originals?

The Originals is an American supernatural drama television series created by Julie Plec for The CW. A spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, the series makes use of certain characters and story elements from the series of books of the same name.

When did the originals start on the CW?

And I appreciate that.” The Originals is The Vampire Diaries spin-off series which is produced by The CW. The twentieth episode of the fourth season, namely called The Originals, served as a backdoor pilot. The series was green-lit on April 26, 2013.

How did Hayley Marshall get pregnant in the originals?

Before the series began, it was revealed that Hayley was pregnant with Klaus ‘ baby from their one night stand. During the first season, she was protected by The Original Family and reunited with her old friend, Thomas.