Does DPF back exhaust do anything?

The dpf-back system provides stronger exhaust flow and reduces excess backpressure. The overall benefit of upgrading to a dpf-back exhaust provides a stronger growl when accelerating but more importantly, reduces nitrous oxide and carbon monoxide emissions. Turbo-Back: Replaces the full exhaust system.

Does a 2008 Duramax have a particulate filter?

The 2008 Chevrolet Silverado equipped with the Duramax diesel engine has an inline filter in the exhaust called the diesel particulate filter (DPE). This filter was installed to reduce emissions, but some owners want to remove the filter so that they can gain extra mileage or performance out of the engine.

Does a DPF back exhaust increase power?

Absolutely, as long as you are not expecting a big power boost. Since the DPF itself is a major restriction point in the exhaust system, and the factory system forward of the DPF needs to remain in place, you will not get the power increase you would expect from a full turbo back system.

Does 2008 LMM have DPF?

The DPF system and the regeneration process it undergoes is one of the LMM Duramax truck’s biggest problems. Despite the DPF system, the LMM Duramax is still a reliable and capable diesel…

Can you legally remove a DPF?

Is a DPF delete legal? We had a yarn with the NSW Environmental Protection Agency, and they confirmed it is absolutely illegal (because you’re screwing with the pollution gear on a vehicle), and the accompanying on-the-spot fine for driving a vehicle with a DPF delete is $300.

Can you remove DPF without remap?

You may be OK short term but who knows over the longer term. A decent remapping company will be able to map out the EGR and the DPF for you without a permance map. But there will probable no extra cost in getting the performance map done at the same time.

How many miles will a 2008 6.6 Duramax last?

The Duramax™ 6.6L V8 Turbo Diesel Engine is sold with a warranty of 100,000 miles/160,000 kilometers. The Duramax™ has been tested to survive upwards of 200,000 miles/320,000 kilometers.

How many miles will a LMM Duramax last?

GM has given the engine a 95% rating at 200,000 miles, meaning 95% of all engines should reach 200,000 miles of service, based on durability and wear. With careful and routine service – and a mindful driver, I’d expect many more miles than is indicated by GM’s conservative rating.

Is it worth deleting DPF?

The DPF Delete and the Benefits With that out of the way there are number of seriously worthwhile benefits to having the DPF removed from the exhaust system. Due to less exhaust backpressure, the DPF delete increases exhaust flow and therefore increases the performance of your motor!

How much can a 2008 2500 Duramax tow?

of torque paired to an Allison six-speed automatic.” With the diesel, “the 2500HD can haul up to 3,458 pounds and tow up to 13,000 pounds,” Edmunds adds.

Can a 2020 Duramax be deleted?

Can the LP5 Duramax Diesel Engine Be Deleted? While there was much talk and fear of GM designing the LP5 to be undeletable right after its release, these fears have subsided. As predicted by, the LP5 was indeed “crackable” and now many owners have successfully deleted and tuned their Chevys and GMs.

Has anyone been fined for DPF Delete?

Okay, so the $22,000 question: is it legal, and can you get fined for deleting the DPF? The short answer is, yes you can get fined, and no, it’s not legal.