Does Alexa Canady have a husband?

After graduating from Lansing High School in 1967, Canady-Davis received her B.S. In 1997, she was elevated to Professor of Neurosurgery at Wayne’s School of Medicine. In 1988, she married George Davis, a U.S. Navy recruiter.

How old is Alexa Canady?

70 years (November 7, 1950)
Alexa Canady/Age

Alexa Irene Canady (born November 7, 1950) is a retired American medical doctor specializing in pediatric neurosurgery. She was born in Lansing, Michigan and earned both her bachelors and medical degree from the University of Michigan.

Where is Alexa Canady now?

In addition to her other responsibilities, Canady conducted research and taught as a professor of neurosurgery at Wayne State University. She maintained a busy schedule until her retirement from the Children’s Hospital in 2001. After retiring, Canady moved to Florida.

What did Alexa Canady do?

Alexa Irene Canady, MD, was a pioneer of her time, both for women physicians and African Americans, when she became the first African-American woman neurosurgeon in the United States in 1981. “The greatest challenge I faced in becoming a neurosurgeon was believing it was possible,” she is famously quoted.

How many black female neurosurgeons are there?

According to the Association of American Medical Colleges, there are only 32 other female neurosurgeons identifying as Black or African American in the United States (including physicians in residency and fellowship training).

Who was the first black neurologist?

Unfortunately, the details regarding the first African-American neurosurgeon trained in the United States, E. Latunde Odeku, have largely remained in obscurity. Born on June 29, 1927 in Lagos, Nigeria, Dr. Odeku received his M.D. from the Howard University College of Medicine in 1954.

What is an interesting fact about Alexa Canady?

Canady pursued a specialization in Pediatric neurosurgery because of her love for children. She is also the first African American and the first woman to specialize in such field. She worked for a short time at the Henry Ford Hospital. She later worked at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan.

How many black people are neurosurgeons?

Less than 4% of all neurosurgeons in the United States are Black/African American. The intersection of gender and race leads to more compounded forms of inequity. There are 33 neurosurgeons who identify as African American and female, making up 0.6% of the neurosurgical workforce in the United States.

What percentage of doctors are neurosurgeons?

Neurosurgery is a small specialty, constituting only 0.5 percent of all physicians. According to the ABNS, as of January 2012, there were approximately 3,689 practicing board certified neurosurgeons for over 5,700 hospitals in the U.S., serving a population of more than 311 million people.

When did the first Black man become a doctor?

James McCune Smith was not just any physician. He was the first African American to earn a medical degree, educated at the University of Glasgow in the 1830s, when no American university would admit him.

Who is the first medical doctor in the world?

Hippocrates established the first school dedicated towards training of medical practice. For this, he is known as the “Father of Medicine.” Almost 60 medical documents associated with Hippocrates have been recovered and preserved. This archive is known as the Hippocratic Corpus.

What events played a role in Alexa Canady rise to fame?

Dr. Canady began working at the Children’s Hospital of Michigan in 1982. In 1984, she became the first African American woman to be certified by the American Board of Neurological Surgery. She became Chief of Neurosurgery in 1987, specializing in hereditary spinal abnormalities, trauma, and brain tumors.