Do you have to audition for Second City?

You must be a graduate from an improv and sketch comedy institution, i.e. The Second City Conservatory, iO, UCB, The Pit, The Magnet, The Annoyance Theater, etc. to be considered for an audition slot.

How does Second City Conservatory work?

In Conservatory Level 4, students learn about sketch comedy forms and styles, adding to the skills needed to create a Second City-style revue at the end of the program. Utilizing the tools acquired in previous levels, students turn improvisation into scripted scenes through re-improvisation.

How much do Second City actors get paid?

With an additional $3,000 “creative compensation” for writing a show, a Second City ensemble member makes $32,000 to $42,000 a year. That’s about as much as any improv and sketch job in Chicago.) Rarely will a comedian in Chicago make a living from a single paycheck.

How many times does Second City hold auditions?

Certain Youth and Teen classes require an audition for acceptance. These auditions generally occur every 2 terms, after which students are placed into the appropriate level. It is recommended that students have taken at least two classes with us before auditioning.

What is the Groundlings audition like?

Each group audition consists of improv exercises designed to assess your placement in either IWA or Basic Improv. No headshot or resume is required for online auditions. The audition will give you a good idea of the activities you would do in a Basic class. Your results are emailed to you within 2-3 business days.

How do you audition for UCB?

How does the UCB Academy audition process work? Once a student has successfully completed Improv 401 with a grade of Pass or Superior, they are automatically eligible to audition for UCB Academy. There will be three audition sessions.

Why is Chicago called the Second City?

Chicago essentially became a “second city” because it was built twice. The name was cemented after a New York native named A.J. Liebling published a snarky travelogue entitled “Chicago: The Second City” detailing how the city couldn’t keep up with his beloved hometown.

How much does the Groundlings cost?

One class — $45 A one-day, three-hour class that will give you an idea of the basics of improv and teach you all about The Groundlings program in an open, welcoming environment. If you’ve ever been curious about what improvisation is, or how to get started at the Groundlings, this is the perfect class for you.

How long does it take to become a Groundling?

The program takes years to complete, as 18-month to two-year wait-lists between upper levels are common. Students may be asked to repeat Basic and Intermediate classes multiple times. By the late 2000s, students had one chance to complete classes in Improv and Writing.

How much does Upright Citizens Brigade cost?

How much do courses cost? Tuition typically is $400-$475 for courses that are 8 sessions long.

What is a Maude team?

What is a Maude Team: Maude Teams are house sketch teams formed by the UCBT. Maude Teams consist of 6 writers & 6 actors. Some teams will have a member that serves as both an actor and writer. A Director, hired by the team oversees the writing and production of the teams monthly show.

Is Second City closing?

The popular Chicago-based comedy group, The Second City, often known as simply Second City, has been bought by Strauss Zelnick’s private equity firm, ZMC. With the advisement of Houlihan Lokey HLI +1.1% , the sale of the iconic comedy brand has closed.