Do MapleStory characters get deleted?

All inactive characters, which have not been logged into since 1st of January 2017 0000 hours (GMT +8), which have not been unmarked by the previous steps as indicated above will be deleted.

How long does it take to delete a character in MapleStory?

60 minutes
Character Deletion Tip! Deleted characters cannot be recovered. You must wait 60 minutes after creation to delete a character. You can check the deletion waiting period time on the Select Character screen.

What happened to Windia?

Windia was merged into Aurora. According to rankings, your character is there.

What is the max character slot in MapleStory?

35 character slots
You can have up to 35 character slots after the update. Log in during the event period (starting on 05.06) to receive a free Character Slot Expansion Ticket.

Where are my MapleStory characters?

Go to the homepage, click on the three bars at the top of the screen, then tap “Community”, followed by “Player Rankings”. From there you can log in or search the rankings. The icons are rather small, and it won’t display the name (except for your main character), however.

Can you transfer worlds in MapleStory?… As long as your character is Lv. 33 or above before the event begins on September 19, they will be eligible to move to a new world. Please note that characters cannot move to or from Reboot and Luna.

Can you delete a tera burning character?

Yes but you can only claim the rewards once.

How do you delete a character in Laplace M?

Delete Your Account Data through System Settings

  1. Go to your phone Settings page and then tap on APPS.
  2. On APPS page scroll down and tap on application Laplace M.
  3. In Laplace M page tap on the icon Storage.
  4. On Storage page tap on buttons Clear Data and Clear Cache.
  5. Now data related to the game and account will be deleted.

What is reboot World MapleStory?

Reboot is the newest world and it was created to combat the notion that “MapleStory is Pay2Win.” Therefore, in Reboot, all Cash items that give power are either sold for mesos or not available at all.

How many characters can you have on reboot MapleStory?

Only 8 characters can be created on each world per account initially, but you can buy additional character slots (up to a max of 53) in the Cash Shop.

What is MapleStory reboot?

REBOOT (or Boost in JMS, Accelerate in MSEA) is an update after Giseungjeon12. This update will introduce character balancing, new job “Kinesis”, the Reboot server, 2D skeleton animation, Mu Lung Dojo reorganisation, new Korean Folk Town, Giant boss raid “Ursus”, level up frame 2.0 and equipment frame 2.0.