Do I need to take a class to renew my CPL in Michigan?

In order to renew your Michigan CPL you must do a 3 hour review of training and the laws of being a CPL holder, and have shot for at least an hour in the 6 months preceding your renewal. You can self study – you can take a class – it’s up to you.

How long do I have to renew my CPL in Michigan?

An application to renew a CPL may be submitted not more than six months before, nor one year after, the expiration of the current CPL. A CPL is valid until the applicant’s date of birth that falls not less than four years or more than five years after the license is issued or renewed.

What happens if your Cpl expires in Michigan?

Because carrying a concealed gun when your CPL is expired is a felony punishable by up to five years’ imprisonment, a $2,500 fine, or both.

Can you check the status of your CPL in Michigan?

Q: How do I check the status of my CPL application? A: Many Michigan counties have a CPL application status lookup function on their respective County Clerk web sites.

Is a gun in a glove box concealed?

Yes, carrying a gun in the glove box or console of a vehicle is considered concealed carry.

Can I renew my Cpl online?

Welcome to the Concealed Pistol License Online Renewal System! To apply online for a renewal CPL, you must have the PIN number provided on your renewal letter. Applications mailed-in must be received prior to the expiration of your current license.

What is the difference between CCW and Cpl?

CPL stands for Concealed Pistol License. This is the correct term for the license that will actually allow you to carry a pistol concealed in Michigan. It is commonly referred to as CCW although this is inaccurate. The term CCW is actually the name of the crime of “Carrying a Concealed Weapon” as defined by law.

Do CPL licenses expire?

Part 61 licences have no expiry date, are recognised internationally and comply with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Annex 1 requirements. Training for a Part 61 licence must be conducted by a Part 141 or Part 142 flight training organisation.

Should I keep a gun in my truck?

California generally requires all individuals, including law enforcement officers and CCW permit holders, to safely store handguns when leaving them in unattended motor vehicles.

Can you renew your CPL in Michigan online?

Effective today, Michigan residents with an existing concealed pistol license (CPL) can now renew their license online at In addition to online renewal, CPL holders may also renew their license in-person at their county clerk’s office or by mail with a completed application and payment.

Can I carry any gun with a CCW?

Still considered a CCW permit, this license allows you only to: carry a loaded and exposed pistol, revolver, or other firearm on your person, in the county in which the permit was issued.

Where can I get a concealed pistol license in Macomb County?

If you cannot locate your PIN, CLICK HERE to contact the Macomb County Clerk’s Office. The Macomb County Clerk’s Office accepts applications for Concealed Pistol Licenses for Macomb County residents.

What are the requirements to become a CPL in Macomb County?

The educational requirements are waived for RETIRED Police Officers or RETIRED Law Enforcement officers. (i.e. letter from chief of police showing proof of retiring in good standing from his/her employment or retirement card). Former police officers must complete and show proof of 8-hour training. Applicants exempt from Pistol Free Zones:

Where can I renew my CPL in Michigan?

Renew your CPL by using the Concealed Pistol License renewals system on Michigan State Police website using your PIN (See your renewal letter for PIN Number). Please click the link below to access the Michigan State Police’s website for a concise list of Michigan Concealed Pistol License requirements.

How to get a new drivers license in Macomb County?

You may obtain a replacement license from the Clerk’s Office for $10. Bring your government-issued picture ID (drivers license, etc) and the fee along with a copy of the police report and a new permit will be re-issued to you. CLICK HERE for hours and directions to the Clerk’s Office.