Do 9th graders take Regents?

Students have the opportunity to take Regents Exams in grades 9-12 and, when appropriate, in grade eight. Students may also take Regents exams after leaving high school to earn a diploma.

What happens if you fail the regents but pass the class?

Officially, it is not a requirement to retake the class if you passed, but failed a New York regents exam in New York. Likewise, the reverse is true; it is possible to pass a regents exam, but fail the class and have to repeat it. Unofficially, it depends on the school policy and teacher standards in the classroom.

Can you graduate without passing Regents?

All students can earn a Regents or advanced Regents diploma. Only some students who meet specific criteria can graduate with a local diploma, with lower exam scores. To earn a diploma, students must earn specific course credits and pass specific Regents exams.

Do colleges look at Regents exams?

Regents Exams measure are often considered by Colleges and Universities in their admissions decisions. Having high Regents Exam grades indicates to an admissions counselor that a student has mastered material that may be necessary for success in college level courses.

Is a Regents diploma good?

The Advance Regents Diploma shows you did more than the minimum to graduate high school. These students take tougher course, tend to enjoy learning and be more motivated. Many colleges and universities, especially in New York, give preference to students with an Advance Regents Diploma.

Do Regents count for college?

Most students will graduate with a Regents or an Advanced Regents Diploma. You need a 65 to pass and if you have a pretty solid student, their course work should prepare them to do just fine. The Regents are not used for college placement.