Did Zach LaVine win the dunk contest?

Body. No player has ever won both of the All-Star Slam Dunk contest and Three-Point Contest. Zach LaVine can be the first.

Who won the 2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest?

Zach LaVine
2016 NBA Slam Dunk Contest/Winners

2016: Zach LaVine beats Aaron Gordon Zach LaVine scored a perfect 50 on his first dunk and needed two dunk-offs to outlast Aaron Gordon for a classic victory.

Can Zach LaVine dunk?

LaVine is shooting a career-high 43.4 percent from 3-point range this season. He still dunks in games, but his days of doing between-the-legs dunks while taking off from the free-throw line are behind him.

Who won the dunk contest Zach LaVine?

Zach LaVine won the 2016 slam dunk contest with incredibly talented dunks, from a windmill from the free throw line to a sensational between-the-legs reverse dunk. Aaron Gordon (runner-up) of the Orlando Magic, Will Barton of the Denver Nuggets and Andre Drummond of the Detroit Pistons also competed.

Has anyone won the 3 point contest dunk contest?

Anfernee Simons wins Dunk Contest; Stephen Curry takes 3-Point Contest – The Athletic.

Is Zach LaVine the best dunker?

Zach LaVine rated as second-best dunker in league by NBA 2K20 | RSN.

What was Zach LaVine’s vertical?

ZACH LAVINE – 46 INCH VERTICAL LEAP Zach Lavine electrified the dunk contest in a way very few others have been able to do.

Who will be in the dunk contest 2021?

New York Knicks rookie Obi Toppin is joined by Portland Trail Blazers guard Anfernee Simons and Indiana Pacers guard Cassius Stanley to form the field for the 2021 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. All three high flyers will be in Atlanta to take part in the event, as the league attempts to highlight rising standouts.

Why is Zach LaVine not in the dunk contest?

But this season, LaVine has finally achieved All-Star status. Because of this, fans were anticipating him to announce his return to dunk contest. But according to NBA insider Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson, LaVine has no plans to take part in this year’s dunk contest. “We’ve got a lot of games left.

Why is LeBron not in dunk contest?

Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James said Saturday he considered taking part in the NBA Slam Dunk Contest during All-Star Weekend a couple times throughout his career, but injuries ultimately prevented him from participating in the event.