Did Mayra Rosales get custody of her nieces?

She came to prominence in March 2008 when her sister was jailed for murdering her two-year-old nephew, a murder to which Rosales had originally falsely confessed. She decided to get her life back in order to get custody of her sister’s children, who had no parents to take care of them at that time.

What happened Mayra Rosales husband?

According to Mail Online, the boy was actually killed when his mother (Mayra’s sister) struck him in the head with a hairbrush. With her sister in prison, Mayra vowed to take care of the children, but she needed to lose weight to do so.

How old is Mayra Rosales?

About 41 years (January 1980)
Mayra Rosales/Age

How much weight has Mayra Rosales lost?

Today, things are very different for Rosales. She has lost 800 pounds through surgery and diet and still has 30 more to go. With a new body, she also has a new mindset when it comes to life and food.

Who is the heaviest woman in the world?

Carol Yager
Died July 18, 1994 (aged 34) Flint, Michigan, US
Resting place Tyrone Memory Gardens, Livingston County, Michigan
Known for Heaviest woman ever recorded
Height 5′ 7 (170 cm)

Did Mayra Rosales get divorced?

On her Facebook Rosales also revealed that she and her husband Bernie, was shown in her TLC documentary when she was still 1,000 pounds, had gotten a divorce in 2013 because he wanted to move back to Mexico to be with his family.

How much does Mayra Rosales weight now?

But that was five years ago. Today, the 33-year-old from Texas, who used to be one of the heaviest women in the world, now is one-fifth of her former weight, now weighing about 200 pounds, and her name has been cleared.

Where is Mayra Rosales from?

La Joya, Texas, United States
Mayra Rosales/Place of birth

Why did Mayra Rosales get divorced?

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Weighing in at over 643 pounds, Pauline Potter is the world’s heaviest living woman.