Can you use Traktor with Ableton?

In order for TRAKTOR to send the MIDI Clock messages to Ableton Live (or any other following application), a Generic MIDI Device needs to be created in TRAKTOR’s Controller Manager. In the Device settings, you will be able to define the MIDI ports for communicating with Ableton Live.

How do I use Traktor with audio interface?

Setting up your Audio Interface in TRAKTOR DJ

  1. Connect your compatible NI audio interface to your iOS device.
  2. Launch TRAKTOR DJ.
  3. Press the gearwheel symbol to access the TRAKTOR DJ Preferences.
  4. Select the Audio Setup menu and check the output channels to be used as Master Outputs and Monitor Outputs.

What is output routing Traktor?

The Output Routing tab is where you can configure the signal path from Traktor to your audio interface. Before configuring your Output Routing, you have to select what Mixing Mode you want to use. If you’re using an External DJ Mixer (such as a DJM 900) you would choose External Mixing Mode.

What is Ableton link?

What is Link? Link is a technology developed by Ableton that keeps Link-enabled applications in time over a local network. Link synchronizes musical beat, tempo, and phase across multiple applications running on one or more devices.

Does Beatport link work with Traktor?

Beatport LINK is available from Traktor Pro 3 v3. Yes, you can create hybrid playlists within TRAKTOR, using both music from your own collection and tracks from Beatport LINK. Sign up for your 30-day free trial of Beatport LINK here.

How do I connect my mixer to Traktor?


  1. Connect Traktor Audio 2 MKII with your computer using a standard USB cable.
  2. Connect your speakers to the Master Output of your analog mixer.
  3. Connect your Headphones to the Headphones Output of your analog mixer.

How do I record with Traktor Pro 2 with an external mixer?

Go to Preferences > Mix Recorder. Select External to configure the Mix Recorder for recording an external audio signal. In the menu External Input, select the channel assigned to the input channel of your audio interface.

How do I connect Traktor Audio 2 to my mixer?

What is latency in Traktor?

The term latency refers to the period of time the computer needs to process an audio signal. It is usually measured in milliseconds. The size of the audio buffer can be set in your ASIO driver settings (Win) or the preferences of your audio software (Mac).

Do you need Ableton to use Ableton link?

With Live and beyond You can even use Link without Live in your setup: play Link-enabled software in time using multiple devices, or multiple applications on the same device.