Can you replace a 14-inch rough-in toilet with a 12-inch rough-in toilet?

Replace a 14-inch rough-in toilet with a 12-inch rough-in toilet. You can definitely replace a toilet with a rough-in of 14 inches with one with a rough of 12 inches. The problem with this method is that a 2-inch gap will be left between the toilet tank and the wall.

Does Kohler make a 14-inch rough-in toilet?

KOHLER Wellworth White Round Standard Height 2-Piece WaterSense Toilet 14-in Rough-In Size.

What does 14-inch rough-in mean for toilet?

The toilet rough-in refers to the distance from the finished wall to the center of the toilet’s floor drain or waste outlet. Most toilets have a rough-in of 12 inches, although it’s not uncommon for older homes to have an unusual size such as 10″ or 14″.

Why are 14 inch rough-in toilets so expensive?

MANY years ago, the 14″ toilets used the same tank as the 12″ ones and the bowls were made with the opening 2″ further from the back and they DID take up less legroom in the bathroom, but they decided it was cheaper to make different tanks than bowls.

How far from the wall should a toilet rough-in Be?

The general rule of thumb for clearance from the wall that faces the bowl is 24″ and just about 15″ on each side. The rough-in measurement indicates how much clearance you have and will allow you to select a compatible toilet.

How do I know what size toilet rough-in I have?

The rough-in measurement of a toilet refers to the span between the wall behind the toilet and the center of the waste pipe. To measure the rough-in for your toilet, measure from the wall behind the toilet to the middle of the bolt caps (the caps holding your toilet to the floor).

Can you replace a 10-inch rough-in toilet with a 12-inch rough-in toilet?

The rough-in for your bathroom plumbing should match the rough-in for the toilet. Even if a toilet is designed for a 10-inch rough-in, you can still install it in a space with a 12-inch rough-in.

What is the minimum distance from toilet to wall?

15 inches
Most codes require at least 15 inches (measured from the center of the toilet) from any side wall or obstruction and not closer than 30 inches center to center to any other sanitary fixture. (The NKBA actually recommends 32 inches.) There should be at least 24 inches of clear space in front of a toilet or bidet.

What is standard rough-in size for toilet?

12 inches
The standard rough-in is 12 inches, though you may encounter 10-inch and 14-inch rough-ins in older homes. You should find the rough-in measurement in the new toilet’s product information.

Can you replace a 10 inch rough-in toilet with a 12-inch rough-in toilet?

Which is the best 14 inch Rough in toilet?

The Best 14-Inch Rough-In Toilets Are: Toilet Features 1. Kohler K-3949-0 Highline 1.28 GPF Elongated toilet Two-piece toil 2. American Standard 215FC104.020 Cadet 1.28GPF Elongated toilet Two-piece toile 2. Kohler 528484 K-3947-0 Wellworth 1.28 GPF Round-front toilet Two-piece to

How big is a rough in toilet adapter?

A toilet rough-in adapter is an adapter that is used to convert a 12-inch rough-in toilet to one with either a rough-in of 10 inches or 14 inches. This is because toilets with a rough-in of 10 or 14 inches are harder to find than standard rough-in toilet. This adapter is mostly used by Toto and is called the Toto Unifit Adapter.

What does rough in mean on a toilet?

What Does Rough-in Mean on Toilet? The rough-in of a toilet is the distance between the toilet’s rear finished wall and the center of its drainpipe. Toilets have a standard rough-in of 12 inches, although some have a 10 or 14-inch rough-in. You must always make sure that you measure from the finished wall and not the baseboard or stud wall.

How big of a toilet do I Need?

You can skip this if you’re already certain toilets with a 14″ rough fulfil your requirements. While the more common measurement of twelve inches tends to be the standard in this industry, there comes a time where this won’t quite fit the bill.