Can laser spine surgery help spinal stenosis?

Using laser surgery with spinal stenosis is often a good choice, depending on the condition. During laser spine surgery, a camera is used to view the spine and a laser probe is used to dissolve the tissue causing the stenosis, relieving symptoms.

How effective is laser spine surgery?

There is also a greater risk of damaging nerves or tissue with a laser, and most importantly, there is no scientific evidence to suggest laser spine surgery is in any way superior to a non-laser approach.” One of the most common spinal procedures to relieve neck or back pain is a lumbar discectomy.

What is the success rate of laser spine surgery?

Laser Spine Surgery that works Dr. Ara Deukmedjian’s Deuk Laser Disc Repair has revolutionized minimally invasive spinal surgery. This modern alternative to spinal fusion surgery and outdated laser surgery techniques has a 95% success rate — and does not weaken or damage the spine.

What is the best procedure for spinal stenosis?

One of the most effective treatments for treating lumbar spinal stenosis is a procedure called laminectomy. This treatment removes part of the vertebra that’s putting pressure on your nerve.

Is spinal stenosis a permanent disability?

Is Spinal Stenosis a Permanent Disability? If you have spinal stenosis, and it is serious enough that you are unable to work or perform normal day-to-day activities, it may result in permanent disability and you might want to apply for Social Security disability benefits.

Does laser spine surgery work for sciatica?

The laser probe can be used for several purposes, such as dissolved the herniated portion of a herniated disc. Although laser spine surgery can help with sciatica dramatically, even patients who get surgery should use lifestyle changes to improve their back health and reduce the chances of future injuries.

What is the recovery time for laser spine surgery?

You should make a full recovery within 6 weeks of the surgery. Patients can take some steps to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible after laser spine surgery.

Is laser spine surgery painful?

Sciatica, herniated discs, spinal arthritis, and other conditions can often be treated with laser surgery and other minimally invasive techniques. While there may be some mild discomfort during the recovery period, laser back surgery patients do not feel pain during the surgery.

How much does laser spine surgery cost?

In many cases, laser spine surgery cost upwards of $30,000. This is at least twice the amount of money that most insurance companies will pay for spine procedures that do not involve a laser.

How long is recovery from laser spine surgery?