Can I use QEI+ on my face?

No, it is not recommended. Body Lotion is only intended for body application.

Is Qei a bleaching cream?

Answer: Is not a bleaching cream, its help to light your skin. Question: Pls which of the qei body lotion is for black people.

Does pure carrot soap lighten skin?

Pure Carrot Gold Arbutin Fair Lightening Soap is an anti-aging lightening soap rich in beta-carotene which helps maintain your skin health. It helps to reduce itchy, dry skin as well as lighten darks marks….Pure Carrot Gold Soap Ingredients:

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How do you use QEI+ Serum?

Add a few drops of serum to your body milk. Mix and apply to your body, focusing on dark areas. Precautions for use: External use. Apply on small surfaces.

Can I use Qei carrot lotion on my face?

Answer: Yes, this lotion can be used on the face.

Is QE 13 a bleaching cream?

All QEI+ ranges are lightening products. Made with the best plant active ingredients, they help you get a glowing, lighter and flawless skin.

Is pure carrot gold a bleaching cream?

Pure Carrot Gold Arbutin Fair Lightening Lotion is enriched with Alpha Arbutin to help prevent excess production of Melanin skin cells for a lighter, fairer complexion….Pure Carrot Gold Arbutin Fair Lightening Lotion 450ml.

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Does pure carrot cream bleach?

In addition to its skin lightening abilities, pure carrot Gold Arbutin fair & lightening lotion softens and gives the skin a uniform fair tone. This does three things for your body: lighten, exfoliate and nourish.

What is arbutin fair?

Arbutin fair and lightning lotion. this product helps to prevent excessive production of melanin skin cells resulting in brighter fairer skin.

Does pure carrot contain hydroquinone?

Pure carrot white is an advanced natural whitening lotion formulated with carrot extract. It gives a more even look and radiance to the complexion, moisturizes and conditions dull skins to look beautiful. It is hydroquinone free, natural and safe.

What is the best bleaching cream in Nigeria?

10 best lightening creams in Nigeria and their prices

  • Caro White Lightening Beauty.
  • Fair and Brite cream.
  • Extreme Glow Strong Lightening Serum(500ml)
  • Bismid Whitening Cream(150g)
  • Clean and Clear Fairness Cream.
  • Pond’s White Beauty Daily Spotless Lightening Cream(60g)
  • Fair and Lovely Advanced Multi-Vitamin Face Cream.