Can I use my Verizon iPhone in Europe?

From the iPhone 8 onwards, Verizon and Sprint iPhones will also just work outside the US. The net: if you’re on Verizon or Sprint and you have iPhone 4S or later, you can use your phone in Europe and get 2G, 3G and even 4G LTE if you have an iPhone 5S or later.

Can I use LTE in Europe?

LTE will be the global standard for all next-generation wireless networks in Europe and likely throughout the rest of the world. The GSM Association and all major GSM operators in Europe have already designated LTE as their next-generation network technology.

Can Verizon iPhone use international SIM card?

If you have a Verizon iPhone, you’ll have two SIM card slots in your phone—one for CDMA use and one for GSM use, so you’ll also be able to unlock your phone and use it overseas. You won’t be able to use your iPhone outside of the United States because very few countries (Belarus, the United States, and Yemen) use CDMA.

How do I avoid Verizon roaming charges in Europe?

5. Are there any special Android or iPhone settings for international travel?

  1. Turn off roaming. This stops cellular data use so you won’t be paying extra for a plan you don’t have.
  2. Stop apps from sucking your data in the background.
  3. Turn off automatic downloads.
  4. Track cellular usage.

How do I setup my Verizon iPhone for international travel?

How do I get my device ready to use outside the US?

  1. Tap Settings (the gear icon).
  2. Tap Cellular, then tap Cellular Data Options, then Roaming.
  3. Slide both the Voice Roaming and the Data Roaming selectors to Green (on).
  4. Slide the International CDMA selector to off.

How do I avoid Verizon travel pass fees?

How to Avoid International Roaming Charges

  1. Call your cellular provider before you depart.
  2. Track usage while traveling to avoid big surprises.
  3. Use Wi-Fi for calling and data usage.
  4. Text instead of e-mail.
  5. Go incommunicado.

Can I use my US cell phone in Europe?

Virtually all modern smartphones (iPhone 7 and newer) are compatible with Europe’s mobile infrastructure and every major US carrier has international data plans — so your smartphone should automatically work once you arrive in Europe because the major US carriers have partnerships with local European carriers.

Can I still use my phone in Europe?

Can I use my mobile in the EU? Yes, you can use your mobile, it’s just that now you might have to pay for roaming. Always check what your phone operator is likely to charge you, before you set off. Some providers offer additional data roaming as part of their contract deals – and not just for the EU.

Are iPhone to iPhone calls free internationally?

FaceTime Audio Calls allows you to make Free International Phone Calls from iPhone. FaceTime calls support both Audio and Video calls for free from any iPhone, iPad, and even from Mac. You are free to call unlimited calls using this feature anywhere in the world.

Can I put an international SIM in my iPhone?

It’s completely possible to use international SIM cards with iPhones. Depending on your travel plans, an international SIM card can be a convenient, cost-effective option.

Can you text internationally for free with Verizon?

How much does international messaging cost while you’re in the US? If you have our unlimited data plans or a shared data plan you have unlimited messaging for no additional charge, including messages to and from other countries while you’re in the US.

Should data roaming be on or off at home?

If you really want to be safe, I recommend turning off Cellular Data entirely when you’re traveling abroad. You’ll still be able to send photos and check your email when you’re on Wi-Fi, and you won’t be surprised by a massive phone bill when you get home.

Which is Verizon cell phones work in overseas?

Which Verizon Phones Work Overseas? 1 LG G7 ThinQ. 2 Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+. 3 Apple iPhone X. 4 Google Pixel 2 XL. 5 Apple iPhone 8. 6 Apple iPhone 7. 7 Apple iPhone 7 Plus. 8 Samsung Galaxy S8. 9 Samsung Galaxy S8+. 10 Google Pixel.

Can you make international calls on a Verizon phone?

With a 4G World capable device you can make calls within the country you are in or back to the US without an international travel plan and you will be charged on a per minute basis.

How to add an international plan to your Verizon account?

We recommend that you add an international travel plan through ” Manage International Services ” in My Verizon or contact a Verizon Wireless representative by calling (800) 922-0204 to ensure your device is ready for international travel. You can automatically add TravelPass to your account.

How long does Verizon LTE network extender last?

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