Can I travel with advance parole document?

Advance Parole is a travel document allowing you to leave and return to the United States while waiting for legal status without jeopardizing your green card application. You can take trips outside the United States for as long as your Advance Parole document remains valid.

What documents do I need to travel with advance parole?

How to Apply for Advance Parole

  • Prepared and signed Form I-131, Application for Travel Document.
  • Copy of a photo government-issued identity document (with photo, name and date of birth) such as an Employment Authorization Card (EAD) or passport.
  • Two identical passport-style color photographs.

What is the difference between travel document and advance parole?

Advance Parole is issued to an alien who does not have permanent resident status. A Reentry Permit is issued to a permanent resident of the U.S. The two documents are dissimilar in physical appearance: Advance Parole is a single piece of paper bearing the alien’s photo, whereas a Re-entry Permit looks like a passport.

Can I travel with advance parole 2020 Covid?

It is important to keep in mind that travel on Advance Parole does not by itself exempt the traveler from the geographic COVID-related travel proclamations. As a final note, those holding Advance Parole should be aware that their travel is authorized only during the validity period of a single Advance Parole Document.

How long can I stay outside us with advance parole?

Typically, an Advance Parole document allows you to travel for up to a year abroad. However, USCIS reserves the right to revoke your permit for any reason. If this occurs, you cannot return to the United States without a valid visa or other documentation allowing you re-entry into the United States.

Who qualifies for advance parole?

Aliens in the United States may apply for Advance Parole if they have:

  • An application for adjustment of status (Form I-485) pending;
  • Been admitted as a refugee or have been granted asylum;
  • Been granted benefits under the Family Unity Program;
  • Been granted Temporary Protected Status;
  • An asylum application pending; or.

How many times can you travel on advance parole?

Can Advance Parole be denied?

In theory, Customs and Border Patrol should not deny parole to someone issued an advance parole document. After all, the issuance of an advance parole documents is like a pre-authorization to reenter the United States. As such, the Department is entitled to a terminate a grant of parole at any time.

Is advance parole a legal entry?

Entering the U.S. with advance parole is not an admission. It is an entry on parole. A person does not have to be admissible under immigration law to be paroled into the country.

Can advance parole be used multiple times?

A: The advance parole document is valid for up to one year and during that period, an alien may make multiple entries into the United States. Also, an advance parole document may be renewed, so long as the renewal application is filed at least 120 days before the previously issued advance parole expires.