Are Thorogood boots worth the money?

Some out there say that there was no break in period at all, well for me there was and it was a pretty harsh 6 days & totally worth it. These boots have now somewhat shaped to my feet and are getting more comfortable every time I use them. I love these boots, and so will you.

Are Thorogood boots good quality?

They’re unflappably durable without weighing as much as a cinder block. Their comfort levels out of the box are very tough to beat. And the price is about as good as you can find for a boot with this level of quality, durability, and looks. When shopping, I also considered the Thorogood round toe boot.

What boot is better redwing or Thorogood?

Red Wing has a more subtle, simple aesthetic, the leather is thicker and better quality, and it ages better. Thorogood is more comfy out of the box, it’s cheaper, and it’s better suited for work.

How long do Thorogood wedge soles last?

4-8 months
The Christy wedge outsole is made of natural blown rubber; Thorogood has used this sole since 1964. Most customers could expect to get 4-8 months of wear on this outsole – depending on work conditions.

Do Thorogood boots stretch out?

They’re a bit tight (not painfully), especially when I wear thicker socks, which I normally do with rugged boots like these. And so size 8 might have been the better choice considering these boots don’t stretch much over time. I would recommend to either get your running shoe size or size down a half size.

How long should a pair of Thorogood boots last?

Types of boots and their life span

Boot name Type of work Life span
Hunter boots Brick laying 9 years
Snow boots Skiing 40-100 days
Redwing boots Construction 4 years
Thorogood boots Construction 4 years

Does Red Wing make Thorogood boots?

Red Wing still makes their boots in their Red Wing, Minnesota factory as they did in 1905, and Thorogood is an employee owned and has been producing boots in Wisconsin since 1892. So let’s break down these boots by detail and help figure out which one is right for you!

Why are moc toe boots popular?

In this article we discuss the best moc toe work boots made in the USA. There are several reasons why someone might prefer a moc toe work boot, but one popular reason is many people think they look good both on and off the clock. This is a boot you can wear to work, and around town.

Are wedge boots bad for your feet?

YES, wedge sole boots are good for individuals who have flat feet issues. Flat feet can be reduced to a great extent with the right pair of wedge sole boots. The sole of wedge boots runs through the entire length of the boots and makes more space for contact surface area.

Are wedge boots good for concrete?

What’s important when you’re working on concrete is keeping your feet from taking the punishment of walking on a hard surface. Wedge soles work very well for that, and so does a raised heel on a logger-style boot. You need a well-made pair of boots that offer the necessary support to begin with.

What size should I get in Thorogood boots?

Thorogood lace-up boots are generally true to size. The length should not be a problem, and you can choose from the different widths; additionally, you can adjust the fit with how tight you lace them up.