Are Recording King guitars any good?

For the money you can not beat this guitar. If you are looking for a really well built, great sounding, easy playing solid mahogany dreadnought guitar at an affordable price… buy this one. There are a lot of other guitars in this price range, but none that I’ve played are built as well as the Recording King guitars.

Where Are Recording King guitars made?

Recording King guitars are conceived of in the United States by luthier Greg Rich and his design team. The instruments are made in China, but set up and inspected back in the US.

Who plays Recording King guitars?

Musicians. Musicians who use Recording King guitars include Christian Letts of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Justin Townes Earle, John Fahey, Mark Spencer of Son Volt, Will Kimbrough, Lizzy Long, Caitlin Canty, Jonathan Devoto of The Matches, Rob McCoury and Buster Scruggs.

What strings come on Recording King guitars?


Item Total Strings
ROS-G6 40 D’Addario EJ16 Light
RP-G6 39 D’Addario EJ16 Light
RP1-16C 38.25 D’Addario EJ16 Light
RPH-P2-TS 36.5 D’Addario EJ16 Light

Who owns Blueridge guitars?

Blueridge. The Blueridge brand are Chinese-built and have won praise from publications such as Guitarist Magazine, Total Guitar and Music Maker for quality and affordability.

Are all Martin Guitars made in USA?

So, where are martin guitars made? Almost al Martin guitars are made in the C.F. Martin facility in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, USA. The X Series (HPL) as well as the Backpacker Series, Road Series, and the SO and Martin S1 Uke which are made the Martin plant in Mexico.

Are American made guitars better?

As a general rule, American-made guitars, particularly electrics, are better made and of higher quality. Countries like Japan, when making first-line guitars for their own market, generally make guitars that are as good as American ones.

Are Taylor guitars made in China?

Taylor does not manufacture any guitars in Asia. Taylor only manufactures guitars in El Cajon, California and Tecate, Mexico.

Did Gibson make Recording King guitars?

Recording King acoustic guitars and banjos originated during what many consider to be the golden age of musical instruments. These instruments were built by Gibson for Montgomery Ward, one of the oldest and largest retailers in the USA. One such technology Recording King started using in 2014 is Torrefaction.

Is recording King made by Gibson?

This old Recording King M-5 Archtop was built by Gibson and sold as the house brand for Montgomery Ward. It plays nice and sounds great, there is a bit of binding missing around the headstock, but overall is very nice. The neck has some bow to it, but it is still very playable….1932 Gibson Made Recording King M5 Archtop Guitar UAG1.

Model: UAG1
Manufacturer: Gibson

Are Recording King banjos good?

Nice quality and tone at a decent price. I had a professional do the final setup as soon as it arrived, which you should do with any instrument. I’ve had a lot of fun playing this. Very happy with this purchase for my first (maybe only) banjo purchase.

Are Martin Guitars made in China?

That’s what happened to Martin in China. Another manufacturer registered Martin’s logo and other trademarks before the company did so itself, earning the right to manufacture and sell guitars with the Martin logo within the borders of China.