Are mesh pool covers good for above ground pools?

Mesh winter covers provide excellent winter protection and are perfect if you live in an area that receives heavy snow fall during winter months. Mesh covers are porous so that melting snow, melting ice, and rain will drip through the cover into the pool, preventing puddles on the surface of the cover.

How much does a mesh pool cover cost?

The average cost for a mesh pool cover is between $2,500 and $4,500, including installation. This cost depends on where you live and the design of your swimming pool.

How long does a mesh pool cover last?

15 years
Mesh inground pool covers can last up to 15 years when cared for. This gives them a slight advantage over vinyl covers. You won’t need to use a submersible pump on top of a mesh cover, because any rainwater will easily be able to penetrate the material.

What is the best ground cover for an above ground pool?

6 Best Above-Ground Swim Pool Covers

  • Intex Easy Set Round Pool Cover.
  • Bestways Solar Above-Ground Pool Cover.
  • Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Metal Frame Above-Ground Pools.
  • In the Swim Winter Cover for Above Ground Pools.
  • Pool Mate Heavy-Duty Oval Above-Ground Pool Cover.

Is mesh or solid pool cover better?

The biggest advantage that a solid cover has is that nothing can get through the cover into the pool, including water. While mesh covers are designed to filter out large debris, small particles can get into the water, such as fallen leaves that have begun to decompose.

Can you walk on a mesh pool cover?

Rain drains through without collecting on the surface, while leaves and debris just dry and blow away! No water bags or pumping necessary, wich virtually eliminates off-season maintenance! Choose the fabrics and colors that match your taste and get a perfectly fitted custom-built mesh pool cover you can walk on.

Are pool safety covers worth it?

Safety covers prevent accidental drownings and also provide extra protection for kids, pets, and neighbors. Additionally, safety covers prevent debris, dirt, and leaves from entering the pool. They also improve the appearance of your pool area during the offseason.

Should a mesh pool cover touch the water?

The cover is designed to touch the surface of the water. So your pool should always be filled when covered, and the water level should never go below 18 inches from the top of the pool. Check the water level of the pool and fill it up if it goes below 18 inches.

Can you put an above ground pool on grass?

Yes, you can put above ground pools on artificial grass, but it is not without consequences. For one, the weight of the pool materials and the water will damage and flatten the blades of the artificial grass.

What should I put around my above ground pool?

Landscaping Around Your Above Ground Pool

  • Concrete or Pavers. Concrete patios are a dependable and easy to care for option for your poolside.
  • Gravel or Rock. Using gravel or rock is one of the most popular ways when landscaping around your above ground pool.
  • Plants or Trees.
  • Planters.

Should a pool cover sag?

Safety cover sagging is okay, well in most cases. It is not the safety-cover that supports the snow and ice. It is the water underneath your cover that helps it and keeps it from sagging too much. Whoever sold you the cover should have warned you or directed you to read the directions.

How much does a walk on pool cover cost?

The cost of a walkable pool covers starts at $3 per square foot. This style is so-named because you can walk on top of it. A walkable cover is made from a mesh material and designed for in-ground pools.