Are Humminbird transducers interchangeable?

We can only exchange transducers which have never been used, installed or assembled. We can only offer you credit on your transom transducer if the alternate transducer was purchased directly from or our toll free number 1-800-633-1468.

Can you run two Humminbird fish finders off one transducer?

You CAN run two Fish finders on Different Frequency’s, you will not be able to run both at 200kHz one must be 83 or 50 kHz.

Which Humminbird units are 360 Compatible?

MEGA 360 Imaging is compatible with APEX Series®, SOLIX® Series and HELIX® Series fish finders equipped with MEGA Imaging+™. In addition to unmatched detail and coverage, Humminbird provides built-in mapping, impressive screen resolution, intuitive control and many other features that lead anglers to choose Humminbird.

Is the helix or solix better?

Screen resolution: While both series have an identical display size, Solix models have a higher screen resolution with 1280 x 800 pixels, while Helix models have 1024 x 600 resolution. Bottom line: The higher resolution of Solix models provides higher quality images on the display screen.

Can Humminbird Helix share maps?

Helix units do not share mapping including Auto Chart Live. If you want the same Auto Chart Live maps on both, you either have to record on both Zero Line Cards at the same or do it will one and copy the file to the other card. Charlottesville, Va.

What is the difference between Humminbird G2N and G3N?

Yep. The G3N’s generally have 8000 watts of power output, the G2N’s generally put out 4000 watts, so that’s some of where the larger range comes from.

Which is better down imaging or side imaging?

Side imaging is going to be more useful in shallower water or when you are scanning for shallow diving fish, whereas down imaging sonar is going to serve the deeper fisherman who are fishing vertically better. So, the choice of sonar type comes down to what application you need a fishfinder for.

Can you run two Lowrance units off one transducer?

One transducer can not be used with two units simultaneously and return different images. You will also get interference if you mount two “same frequency” transducers in the same area where their cone angles will overlap.

Can you run two fish finders at the same time?

Any time you run two units with the same frequency there is a risk of interference. However, with the modern noise rejection systems built into today’s fish finders, in most conditions when there is a unit on the front and back of the boat with the same frequencies, they will not interfere with each other.

Is Humminbird 360 worth the money?

One of the best things about the Humminbird MEGA 360 is that it’s so versatile and so useful that it can be used by both amateur and tournament offshore anglers. This imaging system can be used in both shallow and deep water, making it far more marketable to a broader community of anglers.

Does Humminbird 360 have Down Imaging?

With traditional Humminbird Down and Side Imaging®, anglers have the ability to view sonar returns directly below and to the side of their boats. Since it’s introduction, Humminbird 360 Imaging® has allowed anglers to see an expanded view of the water not only beneath and to the sides but all around their boat.