Are Chinese Vacuum tubes any good?

Chinese tubes are quite satisfying in my opinion. Not only more affordable, but also reliable and sonically good. I’m using the KT88 from Shuguang and compared to other brands that I tried on the same amplifier, the results (sonically) are not much different – especially when looking at the price difference.

Are Sino tubes any good?

The tubes reviews on the net said these were ok to good quality. I found them to be very poor. The pins are flimsy and its all together a very cheap part. I had a very hard time getting them in the socket as the pins bent easily if they were not lined up perfectly.

Is 7025 the same as 12AX7?

Difference Between ECC83 and 7025 (7025 vs 12AX7) The answer is simple. In ‘theory’ you’ll get a bit lower noise and lower hum with a 7025. Otherwise, they are identical. Whether you will actually hear the difference is another matter.

What tubes are compatible with 12AX7?

You can interchange a 12AX7 with 12AT7, 12AU7, 12AY7 or 5751 as they are all the same pin structure, however they will each give you a different result in your amp. Each of these tubes has a different gain factor, which means some will give higher gain and others lower gain.

Where are groove tubes made?

In August, Groove Tube operations moved into Fender facilities in Ontario, Calif., and Scottsdale, Ariz., while production moved to a factory in Mexico.

What tubes are made in Russia?

Some of the better-known Russian equivalents of West European and American tubes are the 6P14P (Russian: 6П14П), an EL84; 6N8S (Russian: 6Н8С), a 6SN7; and 6P3S-E (Russian: 6П3С-Е), a version of the 6L6.

Which 12AX7 sounds best?

The most exclusive ECC83 12AX7 type is the Genalex Gold Lion ECC83. The Original Genalex Gold Lion ECC83/B759 tubes are considered among the best ECC83 / 12AX7 types ever made. . They exhibit a large detailed soundstage that is sought after by discerning audiophiles who demand the highest quality sound.

Is ECC83 the same as 12AX7?

The ECC83 Valve – also known as the 12AX7. The 12AX7 Valve (or 12AX7 vacuum Tube) is a small preamplifier valve which is identical to the ECC83 – same valve, just a different name. It has two identical triodes both of which have a high voltage gain.

How long do 12AX7 tubes last?

Small signal tubes like a 12AX7 or 6922 will work well on average for about 10,000 hours. If you leave your equipment on 24 hours a day, well you do the math: There are 8,760 hours in a year.

Can a 12AU7 replace a 12AX7?

Typically 12AU7 tubes are used in tube-driven effects within guitar amps (such as spring reverb or tremolo effects in Fender amps) and are commonly used in microphone preamps and tube microphones. While you can physically use a 12AU7 tube in place of a 12AX7 in a circuit, it’s not recommended to do.

Is groove tubes still in business?

That kind of equipment — pedals, speakers, microphones and, of course, tubes — was in abundant supply at Groove Tubes, which was sold to industry giant Fender Musical Instrument Corp. in June and is closing its inventory sale today.

What happened to Groove Tubes?

In an important and far-reaching move, Fender Musical Instruments Corporation announced today that it has acquired certain assets of Groove Tubes LLC. Among other assets, FMIC purchased the Groove Tubes brand. Groove Tubes was founded in 1979 and is a long-time leader in the development of high-quality amplifier tubes.