Are Chinese pistache trees messy?

Chinese pistache can be either male or female (just like many of the entertainers downtown). Only females bear fruit, which some people find a little messy.

When should a Chinese pistache tree be planted?

Birds love the colorful fruit of Chinese pistache, which ripen on female trees during October. The fall is the best time to plant one or more of these magnificent trees in your landscape. For more information on proper planting procedures, please see HGIC 1001, Planting Trees Correctly.

Are Chinese pistache tree roots invasive?

Chinese Pistche roots are seldom considered invasive but in reality, only the roots of the female Pistache trees are invasive and that too only when there is a male tree nearby for pollination. Contrarily, the roots are non-aggressive and deeply rooted.

Is Chinese pistache invasive?

The Chinese Pistache is a great tree despite the bad rap it has gotten for being invasive. Only the female trees are invasive and that is only if there is a male tree near by to pollinate the flowers. The seeds in the unpolinated fruit, which remain red, will not germinate.

How do you tell if a Chinese pistache is male or female?

Identifying Pistache Flowers According to Virginia Tech, the male inflorescence has tight, clustered branches about 2 1/2 inches long. The female inflorescence has more loose, open branches about 6 to 8 inches long. Both male and female flowers are greenish with some red color, especially in the flower buds.

Is Chinese pistache poisonous?

Chinese pistache trees (Pistacia chinensis), also called pistachio berry trees, are known for their bright red berries and colorful foliage. While the tree is not toxic to dogs, they can suffer gastrointestinal upset if they ingest part of it.

How can you tell if a Chinese pistache is male or female?

How long does a Chinese pistache tree live?

approximately 150 years
Gardeners in USDA zones 6b through 9b are lucky enough to live in the right climate for growing this pest-resistant, disease-resistant and drought-resistant shade tree. A fast-growing tree, the Chinese pistache life span is approximately 150 years.

Is Chinese pistache the same as red push Pistache?

The popular red push pistache makes a colorful landscaping statement. The red push in contrast with the Chinese pistache holds its fall color longer and has a better root system.

Are Chinese pistache bad for dogs?

Is Chinese pistache the same as red push pistache?

How much water does a Chinese pistache need?

You want to keep the soil moist but not water-logged. We recommend five gallons of water per caliper inch per week. During weeks of heavy rain, skip the supplemental watering. During the summer, double the amount of supplemental water.