Are aluminum enclosed trailers good?

Compared to regular steel, aluminum is much more corrosion resistant. Resale: Aluminum trailers tend to be more expensive up-front than steel trailers. However, because they resist rust, are easier to maintain, and last longer, they not only cost less in maintenance, but they tend to keep their value for higher resale.

What are the best aluminum utility trailers?

If you’re looking for the highest quality and best aluminum trailer manufacturer around, look no further than Primo trailers. Whether you need one of our utility trailers, a car hauler, or maybe even one of her heavy-duty bad boys, look no further than Primo trailers.

Who makes the lightest enclosed trailer?

Using these latest advances, the JIMGLO Envy is one of the lightest enclosed sports car trailers on the market. Weighing in at about 2600 pounds it is the strongest possible trailer with the lightest possible weight.

Are steel or aluminum trailers better?

Strength: Steel is typically stronger than aluminum. Aluminum has a distinct advantage though because it is much more durable than steel. The difference is that because aluminum is lighter, an aluminum trailer will have a better strength-to-weight ratio.

How much does an aluminum enclosed trailer weigh?

A short, aluminum utility trailer may only have a GVWR of 1,000 pounds, while a wide, double-axle, steel utility trailer may be rated for 3,000 pounds. The average cargo load for small utility trailers is 1,800 pounds.

Are there any aluminum or steel cargo trailers?

This page features our All Aluminum Elite Trailer selection. You may also browse our Standard Steel Frame/Aluminum Skin Enclosed Trailers to find lower cost but still high quality cargo trailers.

What kind of trailers do Aluma trailers make?

Choose from utility trailers, aluminum ATV/UTV trailers, car, motorcycle and snowmobile trailers, car haulers, enclosed trailers, truck beds, and even aluminum picnic tables. Special features on many makes and models make Aluma trailers a great investment. Plus the 5-year warranty on select products can’t be beat.

Where can I buy a trailer in Tacoma WA?

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What kind of trailers are at trailersplus?

Every TrailersPlus location has a selection of Utility, Cargo, Dump, Equipment, Tilt, Car, and ATV/UTV/Snowsport trailers. At TrailersPlus, we care about servicing your trailer – wherever your job takes you. That’s why we offer a nationwide warranty, covered at any of our locations.