5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

With new brands emerging every day and fashion trends changing by the hour, it often gets hard to know what and where to invest money. We often end up spending on pieces we don’t even wear, for example, that pair of leather pants that I bought last year they looked hot on the model and the store mannequin and now they’ve been at the back of my wardrobe for months. We end up buying things that look good at first glance rather than investing in clothing articles we use every day. Here mentioned below is a list of things you should definitely splurge on this season.

Durable and Trendy Shoes

The first thing that you should never hold back on is spending money on a good pair of shoes that you plan on using every day. For example, your work shoes, running shoes, the shoes you wear at home should all be comfortable and durable. Whether they’re slides, pumps, Nikes, heels, boots or flip flops if you wear them regularly, you should make sure that they’re comfortable and durable because an uncomfortable shoe can cause you a lot of trouble throughout the day.

5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

A Long-Lasting Bag

Bags are an everyday necessity. Whether you’re a college student, a working woman or a housewife no matter what you do, you surely have a bag with you the whole time. You should invest in a bag that you’re going to use every day. Trust me; if that bag wears out on your way to work, school or the supermarket, it is going to be a stressful ordeal.

5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

A Jaw-Dropping Party Dress

While some may say that you shouldn’t splurge on a party dress, I recommend that you do. Gone are the days when you would be ostracized if you repeated a dress, with comedians like Tiffany Haddish and other A-rated actors joining on the repeat the dress challenge, it is now okay to repeat a dress. So, if you are going to be repeating the dress, you might as well invest in it.

5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

Trendy Festive Wear

Festivals are a big part of the fall season, and you need to have outfits to match the occasion. One thing you can never go wrong with is a t-shirt and some cool pair of pants. However, it would seem like you’re a little underdressed for a festival. You should invest in custom embroidered t-shirt’s that will surely hype up your look and look trendy.

5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

Gym Wear

Many people may recommend against it, but a good pair of gym clothes is an absolute necessity if you hit the gym regularly. You wouldn’t want your pants to rip in between your yoga session now, would you? So, rather than buying cheap gym clothes, it is better to invest in womans leggings that are durable and have the required space for flexibility.

5 Fashion Pieces You Need To Splurge This Season

Once you’ve bought the essentials mentioned above, it’s up to you where you want to spend your money and how. However, before you spend 500 dollars on your Halloween costume that you’re going to use once, make sure you have the above mentioned high-quality essentials that you’re going to wear or use every single day.

I hope it helps you out. Happy Shopping!

About the Author:

Liam Bold is a fashion student based in France. He spends a significant amount of time working for trends on the internet and loves all the high street brands. He regularly shares his ideas about how to get better in style and to put together outfits. You can check out his ideas at https://www.getbold.com/.