Why does Horatio say a piece of him?

a piece of him Horatio is being humorous here and making fun of the guards who have called him to the battlements to see if he can speak to a ghost. Horatio is saying his body is there with them, and his spirit, if not he belief in ghosts yet. In other words his scepticism is there in place of his belief.

What art thou that usurp St this time of night?

ACT I SCENE I Elsinore. A platform before the castle. [FRANCISCO at his post. Enter to him BERNARDO]
HORATIO What art thou that usurp’st this time of night, Together with that fair and warlike form In which the majesty of buried Denmark Did sometimes march? by heaven I charge thee, speak! 55
MARCELLUS It is offended.

Who said Tis now struck twelve Get thee to bed Francisco?

Bernardo: ‘Tis now struck twelve; get thee to bed, Francisco.

Who says twill not appear and to what is he referring?

Act 1 Scene 1

Original Text Modern Text
HORATIO Tush, tush, ’twill not appear. HORATIO Oh, nonsense. It’s not going to appear.

Why does Horatio talk to the ghost?

Marcellus thinks Horatio should speak to the ghost because he will know what to say to him. He is a “scholar” and is educated. He’s also a great friend of Hamlet. They want to tell young Hamlet that they have seen the ghost of his father.

Why does Shakespeare make Horatio in the ghost?

Horatio in particular sees the ghost as an ill omen boding violence and turmoil in Denmark’s future, comparing it to the supernatural omens that supposedly presaged the assassination of Julius Caesar in ancient Rome (and which Shakespeare had recently represented in Julius Caesar ).

What is Horatio Speaking of 1.1 112 116 when the ghost reappears?

Horatio speaks to the ghost with ” What art thou that usurp’st this time of night,” (1.1.

What does the ghost say to Horatio?

Horatio asks the ghost to speak only “if there be any good thing to be done that may to thee do ease and grace to me.” This is precisely the debate among many scholars.

Why is Hamlet so angry with his mother?

Hamlet feels betrayed and irritated by his mother. He is upset because she married his late father’s brother Claudius. Hamlet thinks that remarriage in such circumstances is unacceptable. Through Hamlet’s disappointment with his mother, his anger is increased towards Claudius.

Why did Horatio return Elsinore?

And because Hamlet has such esteem for Horatio, he trusts him and confides in him. Thus Horatio knows about the Ghost and Claudius and the murder and the plot involving Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. And it is with Horatio that Hamlet plans to meet in the graveyard on Hamlet’s return to Elsinore.

Does Horatio think Hamlet is mad?

He has no obvious reason to fake insanity, and Horatio, at least, seems to think that Hamlet is already behaving strangely: he describes Hamlet’s words as ‘wild and whirling’ (I.v.132). Hamlet’s ‘antic disposition’ is one of the play’s great mysteries.