Who were the ghosts in insidious?

Known Spirits

  • The Long-haired Fiend.
  • Doll Girl.
  • The Bride In Black.
  • The Woman In White.
  • The Dancing Boy.
  • The Demon.
  • Crying Woman.
  • Dark-haired Woman.

What cartoon had a ghost?

In this case, the “Scooby-Doo” role was taken by a Revolutionary War-era ghost….

The Funky Phantom
Created by William Hanna Joseph Barbera
Directed by William Hanna Joseph Barbera
Voices of Daws Butler Tommy Cook Jerry Dexter Micky Dolenz Kristina Holland Don Messick
Composer John Sangster

Are there hidden ghosts in insidious?

An “easter egg” is a hidden or undocumented surprise inside a film, game, or computer program. In the first Insidious Renai Lambert spots a little ghost boy running through her house and proceeds to chase him. …

Why is Casper a ghost?

In the 1963 TV show, Casper was a ghost simply because his parents were ghosts who “got married,” implying some ghost sex followed by a spectral baby bump. But in both the original 1945 cartoon and the 1995 movie, Casper was a little boy whose life was tragically cut short by pneumonia.

Is the conjuring or Insidious scarier?

The Conjuring is far scarier than Insidious. Its eerie score, chilling visuals, jump scares, and the unforgettable faces of the ghost give you horrors that you’ll never forget!

What kind of dog is goober?

About Goober He is a skinny greenish Afghan Hound-like dog.

Is Casper a boy or girl?

According to the film, Casper was a twelve-year-old boy living in Whipstaff Manor with his inventor father J.T. McFadden until he died from pneumonia after playing out in the cold until it was past nightfall.

Who is Casper the ghost girlfriend?

Wendy the Good Little Witch is a fictional comic book character from Harvey Comics. Like Casper the Friendly Ghost and Hot Stuff the Little Devil, Wendy is an opposite-type character, a girl witch who does good deeds.