Who was Tancred of Hauteville?

Tancred of Hauteville, French Tancrède de Hauteville, (born c. 1075—died December 12, 1112, Antioch [now in Turkey]), regent of Antioch, one of the leaders of the First Crusade. Tancred was a Norman lord of south Italy.

What did bohemond?

Bohemond I of Antioch (c. 1054 – 3 March 1111), also known as Bohemond of Taranto, was the Prince of Taranto from 1089 to 1111 and the Prince of Antioch from 1098 to 1111. He was a leader of the First Crusade, leading a contingent of Normans on the quest eastward.

Who was the leader of Antioch?

Bohemond I, byname Bohemond of Otranto, French Bohémond de Tarente, original name Marc, (born 1050–58—died March 5 or 7, 1109, probably Bari [Italy]), prince of Otranto (1089–1111) and prince of Antioch (1098–1101, 1103–04), one of the leaders of the First Crusade, who conquered Antioch (June 3, 1098).

Where was bohemond of Taranto from?

San Marco Argentano, Italy
Bohemond I of Antioch/Place of birth

What does Tancred mean?

Tancred or Tankred is a masculine given name of Germanic origin that comes from thank- (thought) and -rath (counsel), meaning “well-thought advice”. It was used in the High Middle Ages mainly by the Normans (see French Tancrède) and especially associated with the Hauteville family in Italy.

When did Baldwin take Edessa?

Baldwin forced Toros to abdicate and took possession of Edessa in 1098. He consolidated his new principality and strengthened its ties with the native Armenians by marrying Arda, the daughter of an Armenian noble.

Who won the siege of Nicaea?

Ottoman victory
The siege of Nicaea by the forces of Orhan I from 1328 to 1331, resulted in the conquest of a key Byzantine Greek city by the Ottoman Turks….Siege of Nicaea (1328–1331)

Siege of Nicaea
Date 1328 to 1331 Location Nicaea Result Ottoman victory
Byzantine Empire Ottoman
Commanders and leaders

How long did the Kingdom of Jerusalem last?

two hundred years
The kingdom lasted nearly two hundred years, from 1099 until 1291 when its last remaining possession, Acre, was destroyed by the Mamluks. Its history is divided into two distinct periods. The First Kingdom of Jerusalem lasted from 1099 to 1187 before being almost entirely overrun by Saladin.

Who destroyed Antioch?

The splendour of Late Antique Antioch was destroyed by a series of catastrophes during the sixth century, i. e. the fire of October 525, the earthquakes in May 526 and November 528, and the Persian conquest in June 540 2. Emperor Justinian I.

When did Antioch fall to Islam?

20 October 1097
The siege of Antioch took place during the First Crusade in 1097 and 1098, on the crusader’s way to Jerusalem through Syria. Two sieges took place in succession….Siege of Antioch.

Date 20 October 1097 – 28 June 1098
Result Crusader victory
Territorial changes Antioch captured by the Crusaders Principality of Antioch is founded

What kind of name is Tancred?

What is Edessa called today?

But the campaign failed and Edessa was lost for the Christians. Today, the city is called Şanlıurfa and is part of modern-day Turkey; it retains very little of its former importance to Christianity. The Oriental Orthodox community largely disappeared after the Armenian genocide during World War I.