Who plays PC Plum in Balamory?

Andrew AgnewBalamory
PC Plum/Played by
Andrew William Agnew (born 28 September 1976) is a Scottish actor and director. He is best known for playing the role of PC Plum in the BAFTA award-winning CBeebies programme Balamory.

Which Coloured house are we going to PC Plum?

PC Plum’s house is a white-coloured police station. It is the residence of PC Plum, the policeman.

What’s the story in Balamory PC Plum?

PC Plum (played by Andrew Agnew), a Policeman who aspires to be a master detective, but as Balamory is a crime-free village, he mostly spends most of his time watching wildlife. His main colour is white (despite his uniform being black) and he lives in a white police station.

Who lived in the orange house in Balamory?

Spencer is one of the 8 central characters in Balamory. His main colour is orange and his portrayer is Rodd Christensen.

Why did they replace Josie Jump?

THE show’s makers attempted to insert a new actress into the role of Josie Jump, Balamory’s effervescent personal trainer, after original actress Buki Akib left the show. Miss Akib was pursuing an arts degree at the time, which clashed with her filming commitments, so she was forced to quit the show.

How old is Balamory?

Balamory was the children’s TV programme which aired on BBC between 2002 and 2005. The show was based around eight central characters with each one wearing a distinctive colour of clothing which matched the colour of their house.

Is Josie Jump from Balamory dead?

Matters reached a head when BBC staff claimed that Mr Stojak had become so fed up, he told some young visitors he had murdered Josie Jump and buried her under the hotel patio. Since the filming of the show Mr Stojak has left Mull, the establishment has changed hands and it has since been renamed the Park Lodge Hotel.

What year did Balamory end?

June 29, 2005
Balamory/Final episode date

Is Josie jump from Balamory dead?

Why are the houses in Tobermory painted?

The Mishnish Hotel first led the way to a brighter future for Tobermory when its owner, Bobby MacLeod, decided 45 years ago to paint the property bright pink and later yellow, prompting others to follow and decorate the neighbouring buildings in bold blues and reds.

What’s the story Tobermory?

Tobermory tells a colourful story; of a lost Spanish galleon full of gold and the ambition to create a bustling fishing port. Of vision to craft a 200-year-old Scotch whisky and of a legendary Queen’s approval. Today the island of Mull’s main town is a busy fishing harbour and arts centre.

Where is the real Balamory?

Tobermory with it’s colourful waterfront was chosen by the BBC as the location of the popular children’s television series Balamory. The houses are situated in Tobermory apart from Archie’s Castle which is now a hotel called Fenton Tower in North Berwick and the Nursery shots were taken in Glasgow.