Who played General Haggerty on MASH?

actor John Randolph
The part of General Haggerty was played by veteran character actor John Randolph.

Who was the cook on MASH?

Jeff Maxwell
Jeff Maxwell was born Jeffrey Maxwell Knott, but used Jeff Maxwell as his acting name. He is an American actor who played Pvt. Igor Straminsky, a recurring character in the television series M*A*S*H.

Why did Wayne Rogers leave the show MASH?

8. WAYNE ROGERS WAS ABLE TO LEAVE THE SHOW BECAUSE HE NEVER SIGNED A CONTRACT. Rogers was threatened with a breach of contract lawsuit. Rogers said that aside from missing the cast—and his friendship with Alda in particular—he had no regrets about leaving the show after season three.

What was the controversial scene that ended mash?

Abyssinia, Henry
First aired on March 18, 1975, and written by Everett Greenbaum and Jim Fritzell, the highly rated episode was most notable for its shocking and unexpected ending….Abyssinia, Henry.

“Abyssinia, Henry”
Episode no. Season 3 Episode 24
Directed by Larry Gelbart
Written by Everett Greenbaum Jim Fritzell
Production code B324

Is Rizzo from MASH still alive?

George William Bailey (born August 27, 1944) is an American actor.

How many episodes of MASH was Igor in?

83 episodes
Maxwell appeared in 83 episodes of M*A*S*H and is best known for playing Igor Straminsky (although another actor Peter Riegert stepped in to play the character a couple of times). On his podcast M*A*S*H Matters, co-host Maxwell once took listeners through a day in his life on the show.

Why did MASH get rid of Trapper?

Rogers played Trapper John, usually acting opposite of Alan Alda’s Hawkeye. He was a big part of the show’s makeup during those early seasons. Rogers left the show because he didn’t want to play second fiddle to Alda anymore. In an effort to keep him on the show, producers sued Rogers for breaching his contract.

What is G.W. Bailey doing now?

In 2001, Bailey became the executive director. Now that Major Crimes has ended its run, and without another acting role in hand, Bailey is free to pursue Sunshine Kids funds, all the way to the ends of the Earth. “I’m going back to Newville,” he said.

Who is G.W. Bailey’s wife?

Eleanor June Goosbym. 1966–1999
G. W. Bailey/Wife