Who played Ephraim Ware?

Clifton Davis
Clifton Davis: Ephraim Ware.

Where is Clifton Davis?

He Is Now 75 and Still Pursues Acting. Retirement is the last thing on Clifton Davis’ mind. At 75, he is still pursuing a career in acting and he’s been at it for four decades.

How old is Clifton Davis?

75 years (October 4, 1945)
Clifton Davis/Age

What church does Clifton Davis pastor?

St. Luke Baptist Church
Davis is a Christian minister licensed by St. Luke Baptist Church, New York, NY. His interdenominational ministry spans more than 35 years during which he has evangelized throughout the nation, leading thousands to the love of God through Christ Jesus.

Who played Lyle on any day now?

Clifton Duncan Davis (born October 4, 1945) is an American actor, singer, songwriter, minister, and author. Davis wrote The Jackson 5’s No. 2 hit “Never Can Say Goodbye” in 1971….Television.

Year 1998
Title Any Day Now
Role Councilman Lyle Hammond
Notes Episode: “No Comment”

How tall is Clifton Davis?

1.83 m
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Who wrote the song Never Can Say Goodbye?

Never Can Say Goodbye/Lyricists
Although Clifton Davis wrote “Never Can Say Goodbye” for the Supremes, it was instead first recorded by the Jackson 5 (released March 16, 1971). It was then released as a single from the Jackson 5’s album “Maybe Tomorrow” and was a #2 hit for three consecutive weeks.

Who first recorded Never Can Say Goodbye?

Gloria Gaynor
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Why did any day now get Cancelled?

Wagner said a key reason behind the decision to end the series was that Potts’s commitment to the show ends with this season. “This doesn’t come as a surprise,” said Wagner. “Annie Potts always had a four-year deal.” New episodes averaged a 1.6, 2.0 and 2.2 during the first three seasons, respectively.

How did any day now end?

Any Day Now ended after 88 episodes, with Rene’s marriage, as well as M.E. and Rene’s mothers finally putting an end to their decades-long animosity.

When did Never Can Say Goodbye?

March 16, 1971

Who sang never can say goodbye now?

Michael Jackson